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Re: Lenovo's Window 7 Upgrade Program Doesn't Recognize my Serial

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I called lenovo customer case today and was told to not expect any update till windows 7 is launched (Oct 22). That does n't sound right. My order status still shows "Pending for proof of purchase". I have already sent it a week ago.I have n't got any acknowledgement from Lenovov. Should n't Lenovo be sending me an update once the proof is validated? This whole process looks broken :-(



Token Ring
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Re: Lenovo's Window 7 Upgrade Program Doesn't Recognize my Serial

My order status still says "Pending for proof of purchase" for the order I placed 10 days ago.  I sent them the proof of purchase and no news yet.


On top of it, it's $17.03 for a free upgrade.  Well, I didn't really go thru the Lenovo-lexicon-ary and understand the *freeness* before I placed the order.  Oh well, live and learn I guess :smileyhappy:






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Re: Windows® 7 Upgrade Program

Hi Mark Lenovo,


I have read your two Posts (08-07-2009 at 11:04) and (08-11-2009 at 12:37) unfortunately my Lenovo G530 is still unavailable.


Even the link to the manual registration does not work and the process cannot correctly be ended. So I don't know where I must send my printed pages and proof of purchase in PDF format ?


PLEASE could you give me an e-mail address (or fax Nr)  ?


Many thanks in advance


Best regard


What's DOS?
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Proof of Purchase validated successfully :)


I received this email a couple of hours back. I had send in the proof of purchase on Aug 31. So anyone waiting on validation should be receiving similar emails soon. Good luck!


Dear K***

We are pleased to inform that your Proof of Purchase has been successfully validated and your order(s) will now be processed.


You will receive another notification email when your order status has been updated.

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo's Window 7 Upgrade Program Doesn't Recognize my Serial #. Anyone else have this problem?

can anyone tell how and to whom to submit the proof of purchase as i haven't received any notification regarding submitting of proof of purchase?


What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo's Window 7 Upgrade Program Doesn't Recognize my Serial #. Anyone else have this problem?



I just purchased a refurbished Thinkpad T400.The product type model is 2764CTR (from the support site I found out that it used to be a 2764CTO before it was refurbished).


When I entered all required information, I can't seem to choose Windows Vista Business 32-Bit (the installed OS by Lenovo) as the original installed OS, I can only choose either Windows Vista Ultimate 32-Bit or 64-Bit. 

I played around with the form a bit and found out that if I entered the original product type (CTO instead of CTR) number then I can choose Windows Vista Business 32-Bit. Now I  can just go ahead an submit the order using the CTO number; however, I'm afraid that I'd run into problems when I submit my proof of purchase as the product type number will be different. 


Any comments regarding my situation? Also, I only keep my softcopy receipts (email and the one from my account page online) and have thrown away the slips I received in the physical package. Can I just print out the softcopy receipt and scan it?


Thanks for the help!

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo's Window 7 Upgrade Program Doesn't Recognize my Serial

So the SAGA continues.


I purchaes a Y550 on July 11th, recieved July 19th Directly from


My serial number is also invalid, but now the Register link provided in Mark's earlier post does not exist on the Windows 7 Web page..


I still get the message that says" register if you continue to have problems, but now there is no link to register.


I called the Lenovo Customer Service folks, only to be told, that there wasn't much they could do and that I could lodge a formal complaint.. So I did..


Mark or anyone else out there from lenovo that can offer some insight that would be great.. At this point I have a laptop witha Valdi Serial number on the warranty page, but invalid on the Windows 7 order page..


Customer Service is not providing ANY Cutomer Service.. SO I am pretty much getting no where..


I have already spent at least two hours in the phone queues trying to get somewhere but nothing seems to work.



Serial Port
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Re: Lenovo's Window 7 Upgrade Program Doesn't Recognize my Serial

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I see that it is a common problem. I'm waiting till morning for answer why my bought in october sl 500 have invalid serial. During whole working day received no answer from lenovo customer care. Now i'm starting to fell like being cheated by all Lenovo advertisment on website, articles in computer magazines and websties and dealers of lenovo PC's. There is no worse customer then frustrated customer, and i'm becaming frustrated by lenovo. The most (deffinitly not) funny thing is that with new PC Doctor i see that my laptop have only 310 days of warranty and i have no idea why! I bought laptop on 20 October but my warranty ends 8 October next year! WTH?! And why lenovo shortened my warranty to 11 months instead of europen union law 2 years! I had never a PC with only 11 months of warranty instead of whole 2 years?!



Few hours after this post i was able to register for upgrade. Now i wonder how long will it take. In case of HP it was 2 weeks, we will see which company is better in this case.