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Need driver for PANTONE device

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My new W700 with Vista 64 (original OS) and PANTONE HueyPro works fine. Win 7 RTM does not.


With the Lenovo HueyPro software it just fails calibration with a "measurement error".

With HueyPro downloaded from the PANTONE site it says it can't find the measurement device.


Also, I don't see a device in Device Manager that looks like a scanner, if indeed tat is what this is.

Can ayone tell me what I'm looking for?


The only problem device is an "unplugged" serial port. I don't know what that is, but I'm not missing

anything else that I know of.


Anybody have a fix for this?

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Re: Need driver for PANTONE device

Did you find a solution for this?  Mine was working under Win7 but now gives me the 'measurement error' message.


I think the problem is that when I close the lid about 75% of the way, the screen is turned off which means that the sensor won't see anything. But I can't figure out why it is doing that ...

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HueyPRO measurment error

HueyPRO was working fine under Win7 on my W510.


But for no apparent reason, it started giving a "measurement error".  I downloaded the upgrade but the problem still exists.





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Re: HueyPRO measurment error

Try this:


Uninstall your current version before installing the new one.

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Re: HueyPRO measurment error

For anyone landing here in the future, try to disable any GPU intensive tasks before calibration.


This morning I was performing calibration on one of our W510s and it started giving this "measurement error" for no apparent reason also. (Googling for this error message is how I landed here.) We nailed the issue to a CUDA program that was running in the background. The application in our case is Folding at Home. It puts tons of load on the GPU but almost no load on the CPU, and so it was easy to dismiss as a lightweight task. Once we paused the task, the calibration succeeded. Our problem is 100% reproducible.


I should share some more notes about the audio. A successful calibration finishes after 1+29+1 tones. The first and last tones are different from the middle 29, and the last tone is either a success tone or a failure tone. In our case, the failure tone comes after either 1+27, or 1+29.

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