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Reinstalling Windows without installation discs

by Retired Moderator on ‎09-20-2010 07:53 PM - edited on ‎09-21-2015 12:49 AM by Administrator (6,359 Views)


Ok so my computer has become very very slow and I have absolutely zero space left on my hard drive. I decided that my best option was to reinstall windows and start over, however I cannot find any of my installation discs from when I bought the computer. I cant even rememeber if any came with it.


So I found out for to run the Windows XP installation program (winnt32)  that is already present on my computer. My question is after I have reinstalled windows I have dont know how to install all of the drivers that are on my computer now. I think I can download them straight from Lenovos website but I dont know which specific drivers are on my computer now and I dont want to mess around with random stuff.


We have a recovery partition built into our HDDs.


To access it, press F11 while booting the unit . It should starting loading Rescue and Recovery (R&R) for you


Depending on which version of R&R you have, you will either see a Menu on the left for options, or you will see 3 large icons on the screen. If you see the screen with the large icons, look on the bottom left and click on "Launch Advanced Rescue and Recovery"


On the main menu, click on "Restore Your System" under the Rescue and Restore subheading

If you see the warning about connecting the USB device just click OK

On the next screen select "I do not want to save any files"


Follow the rest of the steps on the screens. Be sure to choose "Full Factory" on the last screen


This process will reload Windows on the unit. You do not need the RCDs if the partition is still there.


Refer to this document, from step 5, to see the screenshot of all the steps:

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