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Re: T60 and Windows 7 test

Confederate wrote:

For my 2 cents.


I've put Win 7 (build 7000, 7022 and 7048) on the following systems without serious issue


X200  (tablet and non)








Lenovo Win 7 Beta test


Thanks for the info. Will fire up Windows 7 today and see what's what with all the drivers. Too much work atm.



Thanks for letting me know. Notes 8.02 is a bit slow. But then again it's time to move on from the T41 Smiley Very Happy Will give it a try today on win 7

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Re: T60 and Windows 7 test

@crisdean: My pleasure, let us know how it all goes!


@confederate: were you able to test the new Touch-screen capabilities Win7 has? I'm certainly intrigued to see those in action! 

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Re: T60 and Windows 7 test

T60 2008

I ran Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Beta with the report that I should installl a ATI X1300 driver. I installed Windows 7 RC. Lenovo does not seem to have an X1300 driver for Windows 7. ATI does not have an X1300 driver for Windows 7.

I attempted to install the Vista driver from the ATI support, but the installed failed. Without the driver, the transparent stuff is not operating.


Previously, I have installed Windows 7 RC on and ECS 64 bit machine, Lenovo M57, and Lenovo M57e. All three installed with no intervention from me. All three installs found every driver for for all configurations. All three installs found the network and my Windows Home Server and my Brother Network printer, but not the printer driver. Results for all Windows 7 RC installs, so far, have been quite satisfactory, except for the T60 install.


I also have a T41 to install for my daughter's school computer, but I have no checked to see if I can add a suitaboe graphics card for the T41 to get the tranparent graphics. 




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Re: T60 and Windows 7 test

I am running build 7000 on a 2623-D6U and have not had any problems. The only TV program not working yet is CSS. Just waiting for beta. Also some web sites are not set for IE8 so they do not work properly. Just waiting for my full version to be shipped, Already ordered.
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Re: T60 and Windows 7 test

I am running Windows 7 Build 7100 on my T60p and for the life of me I cannot get the sound to work at all.


It worked under Vista, and once I upgraded, it ceased working.

By all appearances, sound looks fine.  I can see all icons, all volume levels work accordingly and even playback audio levels fluctuate when I play a sound file.  But no sound comes out of either the internal or externally connected speakers.


I've uninstalled and reinstalled the sound devices using built-in drivers and new drivers downloaded from lenovo.


What the heck am I missing?

Fanfold Paper
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Re: T60 and Windows 7 test

I decided to test drive Windows 7 RC on my T60 2007-4CG.


The machine has been modified :

- 2.5 GB RAM (added one 2 GB DIMM)

- 160 GB HDD (replaced theoriginal 60GB with another Hitachi)


The machine used to work fine with Windows XP.


Windows 7 RC has  been installed for a month now. Everything runs smoothly excepts the machine uses to "freeze" for 2 or 3 minutes every now and then. When a freeze occurs, the HDD LED is on, and every process that tries to make a disk access freezes as well. When the freeze ends, everything is back to normal.


I've updated the BIOS with the latest one, but it did not change anything.


Any idea?

What's DOS?
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I use Re: T60 and Windows 7 test



I used a T60 2007 CTO with Windows 7 Evaluation copy for 1/2 a year now and discovered two issues so far:

1. I can not user my external monitor with it`s native resolution of 1680*1050. I updated the ATI driver 1300 mobile several times but it did not solve the problem.

Does anyone else know that problem and propably has a solution?


2. In case the T60 switches of the monitor according to the power management settings, ist takes up to a minute for the laptop to fully awake. The mouse can be moved but nothing else works.


Apart from those two issues I am very happy with Windows 7 on my T60. Working seems to be quicker, everything works fine. No driver issues appart from the video resolution problem.


Kind regards from Vienna


Lenovo Technology Partner
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Re: I use Re: T60 and Windows 7 test

Just to let you know I was trying win 7 on my T60 at home and was surprised how easy features were installed. Bluetooth software and driver were installed after pressing the access connections hot menu.


It's fast and everything works. Thumbs up for that. No problems whatsoever.


Btw it was running in a VM under XP Smiley Happy

What's DOS?
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Re: T60 and Windows 7 test

My T60 (2007-4EU) will continue on for a couple more years due to Windows 7 Pro.

Everything works perfect.

Intel T2400 @ 1.83 Ghz

3.00 GB RAM

ATI Mobility Radeon X1300

ST9160823AS ATA HDD 7200RPM


Windows Experience Index: 3.6

Processor: 4.3

Memory: 4.7

Graphics: 3.6

Gaming Graphics: 3.6

Hard Drive: 5.2



What's DOS?
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Re: T60 and Windows 7 test



T60 SXGA+ Intel Core 2 Duo T5600 

buyed used with Windows Premium 64bit pre-installed.


Works fine for me.



- only 3GB of 4GB recognized

- freezes sometimes for 1 minute or so (windows/mouse are still alive but no work possible)

(problems with SATA hard disk??)


I learned to live with that 2 probs. Never had less problems with a laptop': Fast standby/wakeup times. Runs smoothly, no blue screens, all the hardware working.... what else can I  demand ;-)


Anyway - if s.o. has any hints regarding freeze and RAM limit -> please inform me...


regards  LARS


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