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Re: U330 + Windows 7 Drivers Problem & Solutions

is there no more news on this? i would really like a fix for this crap laptop! why has lenovo stopped supporting this product?

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Re: U330 + Windows 7 Drivers Problem & Solutions

I called lenovo support again and they reproduced the sleep issue while i was on hold. SO. this sleep issue isnt just me, and they told me they have no hotfix for it. we can only wait. i told them to bring this issue up to the engineers and have a high priority on it. we can only wait my friends. MARK_LENOVO. Help us! help us underlings! the guy on the phone gave me the advice to just switch to discrete mode and use it that way. i was about to pop. why would i buy a laptop with switchable graphics if i just use it for discrete mode! the NERVE.

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Re: U330 + Windows 7 Drivers Problem & Solutions

I don't understand why I do not have this problem. Also, the college idiot who bought a U330 only for mobile battery life only has himself to  blame. If battery life was your only concern with a laptop, then you should have researched that aspect. A low voltage processor would have served your needs. Or a 9 cell battery.

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Re: U330 + Windows 7 Drivers Problem & Solutions

First of all, I am not a college idiot. I am doing very well in school and am working towards med school. Do you work at Burger King?


This laptop does not come with a 9 cell battery. The processor in this laptop is a low voltage processor, this laptop was ADVERTISED as having long battery life. 2 hours is no where near long. If battery life was my only concern, I'd have bought a netbook, however I also needed processing power. The U330 was supposed to be a light-weight, 5 hour, energy efficient laptop...


Next time, think before you open your mouth.

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Re: U330 + Windows 7 Drivers Problem & Solutions

Everyone, everyone lets remember who the bad guys are here~




Basically I think it is safe to assume we have been abandoned. We who are all here venting our frustrations are the only idiots. Have you also noticed how Mark has not made a message for months now? Perhaps he got fed up and left too.


Myself, on energy smart mode I'm getting just over 3 hours. I know it is no where near 5, but it is enough for me to get through the day. I don't notice the battery dying faster after hibernation though, it seems pretty consistent.

I should also mention that this is my only computer so I use it a lot, maybe the battery is not so efficient anymore.

Also as I mentioned before. If you go to Lenovo shop, they are selling replacement batteries. Interestingly, They are being advertised as "3 hours"

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Re: U330 + Windows 7 Drivers Problem & Solutions

Smiley Sad


Problems with the U330 have been documented since its release.


From Mark_Lenovo's post, "There seems to be a wide range of battery life being reported - some as little as 2-2.5 hours with minimal power settings, while another member claimed 4:45 hour while browsing with wireless.   The latter isn't too far off the marketing suggestion of 5.5 hours which probably represents ideal conditions.  Your milage may vary."


It then took Mark 9 months to post a configuration that actually achieves 5.5 hours. Throw in malfunctioning batteries, incomplete/poor Windows 7 hibernation drivers and you've got yourself a $1000 laptop that was largely sold under false pretenses/advertising while handcuffing you to Windows Vista, one of cnet's crave top 10 terrible tech products of 2007.


The only support we had was Mark providing infrequent, often unsatisfying/unfulfilling, forum posts that some sort of fix was around the corner. Although sometimes he was blunt and outlined to us that Lenovo has no real plans to support the U330 or the rest of the Ideapad line.


There's really no recourse either because it's quite obvious Lenovo doesn't care about non-Thinkpad customers.

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Re: U330 + Windows 7 Drivers Problem & Solutions



You aren't forgotten.   Honestly, the Win 7 upgrade program, some issues with Y550's, and the holiday order / shipping / customer service exceptions efforts  have somewhat captivated my attention for the past month.   I promise to follow up on these Win 7 issues - switchable graphics, reduced battery run time under Win 7, brightness, and your suspend issue.


I know you have been extremely patient and I promise to make the U330 more of a priority.  I still think it is one of the best IdeaPads we've had from a size / feature / function standpoint .



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Re: U330 + Windows 7 Drivers Problem & Solutions



Please guide me to connect Lenovo U330 to my wireless

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Re: U330 + Windows 7 Drivers Problem & Solutions

Hi, wifi isn't stable with the Lenovo Readycomm software, it just really interferes with it.


Go into programs and uninstall this software, then use Windows to connect to your wireless network.

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Re: U330 + Windows 7 Drivers Problem & Solutions



3rd year law student, actually. Sorry if I offended you with my crude word choice, you are quite sensitive when it comes to your mental abilities though. Plenty of smart individuals simply have no idea what they are doing when if comes to computers.


I am always traveling, and my laptop needs to be with me everywhere I go (firm, school, airport, etc). I purchased this laptop because it was good for me. It needed to be thin, about 4lb, and fast. With all the documents and books I regularly carry, every pound and inch of space in my bag matters. I am normally near a power outlet, so battery life was less of a concern to me.


If you purchased it and it isn't good for, it is only your fault. A lapse in judgment, or perhaps as I should of called you in my previous post, an uneducated buyer. 


You can get lost in the sea of information and misinformation out there. I worked for Intel throughout undergrad, and most of my knowledge about laptop performance comes from that work experience. 


I am not sure why exactly this laptop doesn't get 5.5 hours of battery life. Perhaps it is a poor battery manufacture. I know for a fact that my co-workers brand new thinkpad t500 has a 6-cell battery and all the specs of this system (minus switch graphics) and he gets 5.5 hours no problem. It is not the 6-cell that is a problem. However, if you were really looking for battery life, you should have clearly went with a 9-cell, or at least a laptop that had a removable optical drive, so that you could insert a drive bay battery into it for extended life. I knew all this about the U330 before purchase by reading the web site.


I get 4hr out of my battery in WIndows 7, in power save mode. It is a squeeze, and usually a little less than 4hrs. Lenovo really duped us by configuring a battery test system with hardware that isn't even in the U330's for sale, and then claiming 5.5 hrs based off that system. The more I learn about this potential misrepresentation, the more I believe we have a meritorious lawsuit or class action against Lenovo. (Not legal advice).


I did expect a system with 5.5 hrs, or at least 5, and that would still be great to have. Lenovo should inform us of EXACTLY WHY the u330 doesn't get 5.5 out of a 6 cell. Is it the battery itself? What  hardware component? Do they even know? (It isn't just the switchable graphics issue). It really doesn't make much sense to me. The LED screen consumes less power than the typical LCD, integrated graphics, intel wireless, etc etc. Everything is as it should be for longer battery life. 


Yes, the battery life bothers me, but I still like the laptop. Why? Because I don't give as much weight to battery life as you do. I care more about size/lbs and performance. If all this laptop was supposed to do for you was last you a whole day without charging, then you were not smart for picking it. First, it was a new system and unproven. There were tons of choices out there that are  SURE to give you 5.5 hrs of battery life, although less performance. You wanted it all though, I assume, and you took a gamble. Live with the consequences. Second, it is a full performance system with a 6 cell battery, and no room for expansion/ 9 cell option. Since you are bashing this system based on battery life alone, it must have been the world to you. You convinced yourself you could somehow have it all with the U330. It was simply a bad judgment call or misinformed decision. This is especially true based on the price of the system. Everyone knows you can get it all, but the price tag is $2,000 plus.


Since it is not likely that Lenovo will come to the rescue anytime soon, you can improve  battery life. Make sure your screen is as dim as possible. This is the biggest consumer of power. You may also want to look into getting a solid state drive. They are expensive, but use much less power. Make sure you power off hardware you don't use. The LAN card and bluetooth, for example. Good luck, and hopefully we will see some real answers and solutions in the near future.