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Punch Card
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Re: U330 + Windows 7 Drivers Problem & Solutions

Not a new issue but what's happening with the battery degradation problem?


You kindly sent me a new battery last october and it has degraded from 56000 to 40000 already = ~30%.  I've followed all the recommendations regarding hibernation, etc but it still continues to degrade.


Thanks Mark.  I appreciate all the help.

Punch Card
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Re: U330 + Windows 7 Drivers Problem & Solutions

Does anyone know if it is technically possible to upgrade RAM to 8GB (2x4GB) on this system? I plan to do it in near future because I can't afford a new laptop and mine is getting a bit slow when I have quite a few software installed. (Clean Win7 install doesn't help much when I reinstall other softwares)

Lenovo IdeaPad U330 - 22672AU

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor P7350 ( 2GHz 1GHz 3MB ) 

3 GB PC3-8500 DDR3 SDRAM 1066MHz 
I read the manual and it says 4GB max but this site below says otherwise. Personally I think as long as it is PC3-8500 DDR3 then it should work right? I also saw some people with other Lenovo laptop intel C2D with 8GB Ram.
Thanks in advance.


Punch Card
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Re: U330 + Windows 7 Drivers Problem & Solutions



Even if you could put 8GB of RAM into your U330, it would not improve performance. (I’m not sure how much U330 can handled – it is going to depend on the mother board, look it up). How much will the upgrade costs you? If you are tight on cash, there is a much better way to spend your money. First, do some research. I can save you the time here. What you are going to find is that 8GB of RAM is plain overkill. Assuming you are running Win7 (which is lighter on resources than vista) or even if your are running vista, 3GB of RAM is more than sufficient for most applications. Unless you are doing 3D rendering, and by that I mean 3D graphics design, you simply don’t need that much RAM. To prove my point, press Ctrl+Shift+Esc on your keyboard right now. Your windows task monitor will pop up, and will show you your resource usage. I seriously doubt it will be over 2GB. If you want to upgrade RAM, going to 4GB is not unreasonable.

RAM, or Random Access Memory, is like your short term memory – it holds relevant data for processor access as needed. Unless you are maxing out your RAM, which you are not, the amount you have will not impact performance. When you max out RAM, it then forces your computer to use what is called “Virtual Memory” to perform processing. Virtual memory essentially acts like RAM, but is physically located on your hard drive.

Performance is impacted because the throughput of your hard drive memory is significantly slower than the throughput of your RAM memory (the hard drive has to spin up at 5600rpm and then seek, and then transfer data through SATA channels across the motherboard to be processed, whereas with RAM, data is stored in an instantly accessible state and blasted down the front side bus, right to the processor). The DDR3 RAM in your U330 is running at over 1000Mhz, as is the front side bus, and the processors bus – therefore you have excellent, cutting edge throughput  even in a system that is 2 years old (mine is). The U330 was ahead of its time. Thus, the performance of your RAM is top notch, and 3GB is more than enough. Your RAM is NOT causing performance problems.

Interestingly, a new install of windows has not helped you. Most performance issues over time are related to the bloating of the hard drive, and fragmentation. You must have way to much **bleep** running on your computer.

If you are going to spend the money to upgrade something on this computer, I would recommend upgrading to a Solid State Hard Drive.

Check out – they have some great deals. For $119 (unbelievable deal!!) you can get a 60GB SSD -

Drives like this were recently over $300. Putting this drive in your computer will significantly improve performance.

PLUS you can then buy an external HDD enclosure -

Simply put your old HDD that you take out of your U330 into that enclosure. This way you have a lot of externally (and portable) hard drive space, and a super fast solid state drive in your U330 – Boom goes the dynamite.

That will be worth your money – all for under $200. Of course, you could go with a larger solid state drive. Be prepared to shell out well over $300 for a 160GB and about $240 for a 120GB.

Good Luck!

Punch Card
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Re: U330 + Windows 7 Drivers Problem & Solutions

[ Edited ]

BushPilot, really appreciate your recommendation.

I'll probably upgrade to 4GB and hope for better performance.

Paper Tape
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Re: U330 + Windows 7 Drivers Problem & Solutions

Hi all, 


I apologize for bringing this dead thread (and often hated one) back to life but I had a quick question. 


I'm about to do the Windows 7 upgrade (finally) and wanted to make sure I had all the steps down since it seems like it has caused a lot of peopple grief. 


I'm running the original Vista but I do remember reflashing my bios last year (which actually did kill my computer and lenovo had to replace the motherboard) 


So what I'm planning on doing is installing windows 7 - wiping everything, then installing all the drivers on (appropriate for my windows 7 version) and that's all i have to do? 



Thanks for the help!

Fanfold Paper
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Re: U330 + Windows 7 Drivers Problem & Solutions

Just found this thread. I had stored my U330 thinking it was a lost cause. Just flashed with the V67 bios and did a clean install of windows 64. Power is fixed, but video card still not all that great. There's still lines and sometimes whole white blocks.

The ATI for some reason also isn't being recognized. Only the Intel. Read earlier that bios v68 worked. The previous link to it no longer exists and v67 from Lenovo update isn't recognizing the ATi. Anyone still have it available?
What's DOS?
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Re: U330 + Windows 7 Drivers Problem & Solutions

You may have done this, but is the graphics mode on "switchablegraphics" in the BIOS?

What's DOS?
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Re: U330 + Windows 7 Drivers Problem & Solutions

Hi everybody

I've recently upgraded from Vista Ultimate to 7 Ultimate, I downloaded all the drivers from lenovo's website and installed them succesfully, all work perfectly, but the problem is with the monitor, It's brightness doesn't change anymore! both with fn button and power options.

I read from this topic that the problem will be solved by upgrading the BIOS, but I couldn't do that, so I couldn't solve my problem, please help me on this, I love my machine, but this is a real pitty. 

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