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Updating to SP3

A friend asked me to repair a ThinkPad T23 which I found to have a defective hard drive.  After installing a new hard drive and XP SP2, I proceeded to update the drivers and then do a windows update to SP2.  No problems.  After updating to SP3, no other optional updates would install.  I also had problems with the display settings and several other drivers.  In addition, I received an error message that I did not have administrator rights to even change the display settings. 
After some research, I reinstalled SP2 and when I did the windows updates (updates to SP2 first) I also installed Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0.   This is an optional software update, so you cannot select the express method of updating.  I then proceeded to install SP3 and it worked fine.
Hope this may help others avoid any hassle of installing SP3.
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Re: Updating to SP3

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Thanks, i'm sure that will help some people.  There seems to be a pretty common problem with SP3 where Windows Update will no longer download/install anything.  Seems pretty picky about what software you ahve installed before hand.  One thing you have to remember, is to have SP2 installed before you try SP3.   SP3 should work on its own, but often it doesn't work without some bugs.  I figure Microsoft must have fired all their good programmers.   Win2kSP4 and XPSP2 were very stable, but in the past 2 years, Vista/SP1 and XP SP3 have been full of nothing but bugs.

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Re: Updating to SP3

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Hi folks,

Just to clear things up for those following up on this thread in the future...

SP3 installation may at times cause a conflict with IE7 which will render the browser useless - keep in mind that Microsoft linked their browser with the operating system with core OS files. "Windows Update" also uses critical components shared with Internet Explorer.  Installing SP3 will, under certain circumstances, break those critical components without properly updating IE7 which in turn causes Windows Update to completely cease functioning, hence no more updates -  not even manual attempts at connecting using "Windows Update" will work.... It's a known issue with SP3 as it conflicts with IE7 installed in certain circumstances.

Furthermore, should a system using XP-Sp2 with IE6 installed, be updated to SP3 and then install/updated with IE7 - you're in trouble 100% of the time. IE7 will not connect to the internet (although any other browser will) and "Windows Update" will be affected as well (as descibed above).  Uninstalling IE7 is not an option either, because, according to Microsoft, installing IE7 after a SP3 install will integrate IE7 into the operating system permanently without option of uninstalling. Updating IE7 with IE8Beta will not correct the issue either. As of this time, Microsoft has no solution for this "issue".
  - Turning on the "Automatic Updates" service is the only work-around to keep the system updated.

However, should a user install IE7 with all updates PRIOR to installing SP3 and should the Windows Update not work, IE7 can always be uninstalled safely as an option and thus the user may revert to IE6 and thus may regain "Windows Update" functionality - i.e. IE7 is not be imbedded into the OS if installed over IE6 before update to SP3. 

Hope this sheds some light on the issues.

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