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What's DOS?
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Upgrade to Windows 7

I am currently running Windows XP but want to take advantage of my iMac home computer and its ability to communicate with iCloud. iCloud does not support XP. Is there an easy way to upgrade to Windows 7 through Lenovo? Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Upgrade to Windows 7

Believe you'd need to buy Windows7 either as OEM or full version. There was a downgrade option back a few years ago so but that's gone as far as I know.


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Re: Upgrade to Windows 7

you can upgrade to Windows 7 but it only possible through full version where you can install any OS you required





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Re: Upgrade to Windows 7

I'm not a MaC or iCloud user, but I found your question intriguing, I found a link by Google to a blogger who claims to have successfully installed and using iCloud successfully as August 2012.
It seems the iCloud MSI installer performs an OS check and halts if it discovers XP.
The author used a well known trick to hotwire the MSI into skipping the OS check thus allowing ti install on XP.
She went further by even hosting those modified MSI for download in addition to her well written instructions in case your just in a hurry to start the music.
it is worth reading and may be the solution you need instead of the variables of upgrading an entire OS with anohter bigger version of an already inefficient OS just to get access to one application.
Let us know what happened,and share your solutions so others may benefit from our experiences. "It doesn't really matter what kind of computers I own since right now the conversation is about the problems on the computers that YOU OWN!" -Mark Twain
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