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What happened to the e-mail and browser links on the Start menu?

by on ‎05-21-2010 12:06 PM (245 Views)


What happened to the e-mail and browser links on the Start menu in Windows 7 ?


In previous versions of Windows, icons for the default web browser and email program were pinned to the Start menu by default. In Windows 7, the pinned area at the top of the Start menu is empty by default.


To open these and other programs quickly and easily, you can now pin them to the Start menu and to the taskbar.


To pin a program to the taskbar:


  • If the program is already running, right-click the program’s icon on the taskbar (or drag the icon toward the desktop) to open the program’s Jump List, and then click Pin this program to taskbar.


  • If the program isn't running, click the Start button, browse to the program’s icon, right-click the icon, and click Pin to Taskbar.




If you pin an email program or web browser to the Start menu, you can change the properties in Control Panel. Open Control Panel and search for “mail” to see an option to change your default email program, or search for “Internet options” to see a list of web browser properties you can change.

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