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WinXP: Too Log-Off or Not to Log-Off? That is the Question.

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Do AV updates, Diskeeper opertations and other scheduled tasks (like the monitor shutting off per Power Manager settings) still function on WinXP Pro systems when the user is logged off (but still connected to shore power with the HDD still spinning)?


I've noticed faster and snappier performance when not going to standby or powering down every night on my T61p ..... I simply switch it to a low adaptive power mode with Lenovo's latest Power Manager over night (it's always in a docking station and never travels).




Two (I used to have Five) - T61p 15.4" WS T9300 2.5Ghz units, August 08/08 Builds with FX570M Nvidia Graphics; ... One W520 i7-2860QM w/2000M Nvidia Graphics (most recent acquisition and stupidly fast); .... One - T42 4:3 15" Flexview 1.8GHz with ATI Graphics (still perfect for traveling); ... Two - T500 15.4" units both with ATI HD3650 Graphics.
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Re: WinXP: Too Log-Off or Not to Log-Off? That is the Question.



The general rule of thumb is that if the program has a service, the program will then run non-interactively when no one is logged in, since services are run under the context of the SYSTEM account and not the currently logged-in user. 




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