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Windows 7 os with windows virtual xp mode cpu high



I installed windows 7 operating system on my Lenovo T400. Then I download windows virtual XP mode ( with service pack 3. When I log into virtual XP mode the cpu is very high. Why is my cpu high? I have defrag my computer and also did an error-check.  How can I fix this?



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Re: Windows 7 os with windows virtual xp mode cpu high

as i know, you can reduce ram or cpu usage.
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Re: Windows 7 os with windows virtual xp mode cpu high

Part of the issue may be how often you log onto Virtual XP.  Since both W7 and XP are separate and independent operating environments, the both need to be updated with all Microsoft and other software updates.  The also operate with separate security applications (e.g., anti-virus).  Depending on your automatic system update settings, when you log into XP, you may automatically install and run the latest version of Microsoft Security Essentials, or AVG Antivirus, or some other such applications.  Or, you may be overdue for a scheduled system scan, so the scan is launched as soon as you start Virtual XP.  Systems such as these consume extremely large amounts of CPU time when they launch and do a system scan.  However, when they finish, CPU utilization drops to normal.


If you don't constantly go back and forth between W7 and XP every day, you should expect that you will probably find very large CPU utilization from such scans if you have not logged into XP for some time.  In my experience, it will all go away.


Also, remember that you should separately defrag both environments.  The W7 defrag may take hours, as Virtual XP actually exists as three very large files on your basic HDD, and defragging W7 does nothing to defrag all of the tens of thousands of individual Virtual XP files that are embedded in the huge system files (such as .vhd) which hold the XP environment.


You might also want to check out the Auslogics Disk Defrag package.  It is freeware, and in my experience does a better job than Microsoft's systems.  Again, you would need to install separate copies of this package in each of the W7 and XP environments.

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