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Windows 7 upgrade with XP downgrade?



I have a question regarding the Windows 7 Upgrade program ( ).


When you buy a new Thinkpad Tx00 with Vista downgraded to XP, does this (you get a valid Vista licence with the Thinkpad) qualify for an upgrade to Windows 7?


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Re: Windows 7 upgrade with XP downgrade?

It should to my knowledge donizetti.


If your unit has a Vista label and it has been downgraded to XP, you should have the Vista upgrade DVDs that already came with the unit (yes, you are entitled to them).  Windows 7 is an upgrade for Vista. So as long as your unit is "Vista" capable, you  shouldn't see a problem getting the Windows 7. But if I were you, I would still contact the local sales group to CLARIFY this.




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Re: Windows 7 upgrade with XP downgrade?

That is correct.  As long as you have a valid Vista product key and COA, you will be able to take part in the Windows 7 upgrade.  However, I believe that only system purchased after June 26, 2009 are eligible for the upgrade.


Also, system that has Windows Vista Home Basic as the pre-installed software are not eligible for the upgrade program from the website.
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