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Blue Screen Again
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Windows 7

More of an FYI than a question...


I've been running Windows 7 (release candidate build 7100) on an ideapad U110 for 2 weeks now, and it is great!  The install takes a looooong time (via the USB DVD drive), but it finds all the drivers automatically, with no need to download anything separately.


Speed wise, it is a lot faster than Vista which came with the machine (boot up is about 30 seconds total).  When idle, the task manager is reporting a baseline of 5-600MB of RAM usage, compared to over 1GB in Vista (business).  On a 3GB machine, this makes a huge difference in speed.  Programs load a lot faster, and so far no compatibility issues with any software.  Battery life also seems to be improved a bit, due to better power management.


For anyone sitting on the fence regarding windows 7, go for it, you will not regret it.

Paper Tape
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Re: Windows 7

I have been using Windows 7 RC on U110 as well. And yes I found it boots a lot faster than Vista, after installing the Energy Management Software basically I got everything working including the on screen display of touch-sensitive keys like volume up/down/mute, etc.


I would recommend everyone to upgrade ot Windows 7 if possible.

Punch Card
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Re: Windows 7

I couldn't get slidebar or Lenovo Desktop Navigator to work on windows 7. I get errors. Other than that I love it.
What's DOS?
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Re: Windows 7

Yea I currently use windows 7 rc on my desktop and its awesome.  Just wondering, did you guys format your hardrive then install RC 1 or did you just "Upgrade" it?
Punch Card
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Re: Windows 7

Installing Windows 7 RC 7137 on my new U330. Didn't like VIsta at all with it's slow start-up time. will update with results.


ps, i'm doing a custom "clean" install with the CD drive.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Windows 7

I'm running 7127 x64 on my X200s at the moment. Have to sya it's much better than Vista. I was using all the Vista drivers and had everything working (Hotkey included... that needed some coaxing!) but now that there are Windows7-specific versions out, that should make it significantly easier.


Wondering if I should install 7137 or wait until the next leaked release.. Smiley Tongue

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