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X301 and Windows 7



I have a Lenovo X301 (2776 LEG) which I'm considering installing Windows 7 64 bit on. Does anybody know if there is drivers available for it - not much fun installing it om my laptop if I'm missing a lot of drivers

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Re: X301 and Windows 7

The official beta site is here:


I have a T400s but the combination of Win 7 standard drivers and what is on the beta site worked well for me.


The only additional driver I needed was for the Intel graphics which is available for WIn 7 from Intel.


I think apart from the CPU your X301 have essentially the same hardware so you should have no problem.



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Re: X301 and Windows 7

Don't let software restrictions prevent an installation.


Lenovo uses MSI installers for most drivers and expectedly for Thinkvantage applications, but sometimes a compatible or "semi compatible" driver may refuse to install into an "unsupported" operating system.


Microsoft created the MSI standard and they freely distribute Orca to modify MSI's and you can use it open the installer and delete the entries under the Launch Conditions row and save it as copy.,


In most cases, if your installer is about damage something the WFP and other mechanisms will halt the install and allow it to undo changes thus far, but always make a good backup before Orc'ng packages since the support community for such innovative techniques may comprise just of you and any catastrophes may result in hours of research and misery just to the invegitable rull reload if you didn't make a good backup prior to borking the msi's for drivers.


Jaggin around with BETA code of anything from Microsoft is like taking the Pepsi challenge at a gas station and eventually you drink octane and suffer.

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