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What's DOS?
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g770 xp amd driver

Hello 2 all Smiley Happy

I am VERY satisfied with my new lenovo g770 except one thing!

All drivers i needed for Windows XP Pro SP3 are there and working fine.

But i can't get my AMD HD6650M getting to work in XP! (HD6650M is running great in Win 7)

Problem might be the switching between the onboard (or better incpu ) Intel HD3000 graphics ( HD3000 works fine in XP )

and the extern AMD HD6650M. Did someone else has this problem and find a solution?

( I tried patching other drivers to proper ven 1002 dev 6741 subsys 397617aa but no success Smiley Sad )

Any help is really appreciated!

Thank you very much

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Re: g770 xp amd driver

Hi and welcome to the forum!


To the best of my knowledge, Win XP doesn't support graphics card switching. I suggest to consider upgrading to Win 7.


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What's DOS?
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Re: g770 xp amd driver

Hi there and thanks for your reply.

As i wrote this card runs fine in Win 7 Smiley Wink

I multiboot 6 OS + memtest on my G770 and i need this card to work also under XP. ( If possible)

But thanks for the hint that XP maybe dosent support any GFX switching. I try to check this out.

Any other good advice is still very welcome.






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Re: g770 xp amd driver

XP definitely doesn't support switchable graphics.

You'll have to set the BIOS to either discrete or integrated.

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What's DOS?
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Re: g770 xp amd driver

Hello again Smiley Happy


On my G770 Bios i only can select between UMA ( integrated Intel GFX ) and switchable.

So i cant force discrete to use by default i guess(??) Maybe i need a bios update ( or unlock Smiley Wink ??)

Looks like XP really cant switch GFX for performance / accu lifetime

Same problem with NVIDIA GFX cards useing OPTIMUS tech in XP / VISTA


Thanks for all your help!


G770 is still a great buy!




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