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Paper Tape
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printer offline

I plugged in a USB to serial cord to connect my t61 to my laserjet 4000.  Drivers were found by the t61 and installed, but now the printer is listed as "offline."  I have restarted with the cord connected, to no avail.  Any ideas?
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Re: printer offline

The USB to serial interface connection is rather faulty and the possibility is great, that the device isn´t recognised

as it should be and therefore isn´t working as expected if at all. In your case it´s "offline".

The problem is the old printer. I would get a new one or use it with a desktop which have a serial interface.

There´s nothing much to do.

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Re: printer offline

Did you try unchecking the "Use printer offline" box?
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Re: printer offline

It sounds like you're having a driver issue. Uninstall the printer, and then remove it from the USB port, try running any software you have for installing it's drivers, then plug in the printer when it tells you. Printers can be quite fussy unfortunately.
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Re: printer offline

Do people think all laptop/computer users who ask questions on these forums are stupid? They must or they wouldn't ask such stupid questions as "have you checked the printer offline box"!!


I have had my Lenovo laptop running Win 10 for 7 months. It used to not print sometimes now it will NEVER print ever! I have visited forums, asked tech support for my printer, reinstalled the print drivers several times and I still have the same problems that apparently hundreds of people have, which is my laptop says my printer is offline. I can print the same document from my iPhone or iPad . If I want to print Word docs, I email them to myself and print from these devices. I had to buy online accounts packages so that I can run my business.


There is clearly an issue with Lenovo laptops being a pile of crap but they don't know or just don't want to fix it!


If it were only the printer it wouldn't be so bad but my laptop loses the wifi signal every half hour. I have to go into troubleshooting and ask it to kix "Network Adapter" and all is well for another 30 minutes! Again, I have visited forums, tried loads of fixes and I still have the same problems that apparently hundreds of people have.


As I say, Lenovo is clearly a very inferior product and when I buy a new laptop I will gladly pay much more for reliability!

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