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windows oem and retail comparison

Something has been bugging me and I need an explination.  I have gone through a bit of training for computers.  Even done tech support.  And can't for the life of me find what's differant between say IBMs oem Windows and retail box sort of stuff.  Maybe because of the stuff that comes with it the battery managers and such.  But what makes it so special that Microsoft refuses to support it?

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Re: windows oem and retail comparison

A couple of things come to mind:  license portability and support responsibility.


The OEM licenses are intended for one machine and aren't supposed to be moved to your next white-box build, for instance.  The OEM (Lenovo) or retail purchaser of an OEM license (from NewEgg, for instance) also takes on the responsibility for support.


Just $ and cents.  The OEM license is cheaper and doesn't include support or portability.  (Yeah I realize that MS often will activate a re-used OEM license, but they don't have to.)



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