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Why is my picture information different from what it was before I upgraded to Windows 7?



I’ve recently upgraded from Windows Vista to Windows 7 and I notices that the information saved in my pictures has changed. The titles and other information are different from what they were before I upgraded. Does anyone know why this happened?



The information hasn’t changed; it’s just being read differently than it was in Windows Vista. If you open that picture again on a Windows Vista computer it will show the information as it did before the upgrade. The guidelines of the Metadata Working Group which provides industry guidelines for storing metadata in an image were implemented in Windows 7. The MWG guidelines allows for metadata interoperability with any other application that also implements the guidelines and most other applications.  As a result of implementing these guidelines in Windows 7 certain metadata fields map differently between Windows Vista, Windows 7, and other tools. It is important to note that the metadata in the image is not lost but is merely stored in a different location than where an imaging application reads the information from. Other metadata fields such as tags are not affected by these changes.


Here is a list of the known differences that you might notice in the metadata between Windows Vista and Windows 7.


Within Windows 7:

  • Writing a title through Windows Explorer will cause the same information to appear in title and subject field after the metadata has been saved in an image.
  • Writing a subject alone or title and subject will work as expected.


Taking an image that has metadata added in Windows 7 to Windows Vista:

  • Titles written in Windows 7 will appear as a title and subject in Windows Vista, similar to the way they appear in Windows 7.
  • If a title and subject are written in Windows 7, the title information will appear as both the subject and title in Windows Vista.  Subject information will not appear in this case.
    • If a subject alone is written in Windows 7, it will appear properly in Windows Vista.


Taking an image that has metadata added in Windows Vista to Windows 7:

  • A Subject written in Vista will appear as a title and subject in Windows 7
    • A title and subject, or title alone will appear properly in Windows 7.


Windows Vista will not remove title written in Window 7. The following scenario will exhibit this issue:

  1. Add title information in Windows 7.
  2. Remove title information in Vista.
  3. View the same image in Windpws 7, the title information will still appear as both title and subject.


Viewing metadata added in Pro Photo Tools in Windows 7 Explorer:

  • Descriptions written in Pro Photo Tools on Windows 7 will appear as titles and subject in Windows 7.
  • Adding a title in Pro Photo Tools on Windows 7 overwrites a description already stored by Pro Photo Tools in an image.

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