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Advantage of Lenovo drivers/applications over Windows 7?

2009-11-07, 16:09 PM

As operating systems mature there is less of a requirement for OEM drivers and applications. Many of the drivers/applications are designed for corporate customers specifically .e.g to give them a consistent interface across operating system versions and for other reasons that would not benefit an individual user. My windows 7 install works fine without any lenovo drivers.


I know some drivers/applications offer increased performance and stability, but which ones? Some are obvious e.g. Ultranav utilty allows you to programme your ultranv to a greater degree than the standard driver. But what about the fingerprint driver for example? Why should we install it? It would be valuable if we knew through the driver/application readme's exactly what advantage they gave over standard windows 7. If anyone who has installed any of the below packages can comment on what the advantage is over over windows 7, I think it would help many people. Please add others to the list if neccessary.


  1. Bluetooth with Enhanced Data Rate Software II for Windows 7
  2. Conexant Audio Software for Windows 7
  3. Integrated camera
  4. Intel GM45 Display Driver for Windows 7
  5. Intel Matrix Storage Manager Driver for Windows 7
  6. Intel Wireless LAN (11bgn) for Windows 7
  7. Lenovo Fingerprint Software for Windows 7
  8. Lenovo System Interface Driver for Windows7
  9. Thinkvantage Access Connections for Windows 7

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Re: Advantage of Lenovo drivers/applications over Windows 7?

2009-11-07, 17:23 PM

If i remember correctly, without the Conex. Audio Driver, you would alsways be on your Integrated Speakers, not on the Headset/Speakers you plug in.

(Conex driver switches to plugged-in as soon as you plug it in, else it stays on the integrated speakers)

Also, there's no Fingerprint driver IN Windows 7, so you need the one Lenovo gives you.


Hope this helps


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Re: Advantage of Lenovo drivers/applications over Windows 7?

2009-11-09, 19:32 PM

For Access Connections, here's my list of user benefits over the embedded OS functions, noting that substantial work was done on all of the ThinkVantage tools for Win7 to minimize and performance or boot time hit and make them more stable.

- More visual interface

- Better connectivity information

- Single interface for WiFi, ethernet, WAN, etc.

- Auto switch for wired & wireless (fastest available network - e.g. wired and wireless can be handled in a single profile)


- Integrated profiles for printers, browser favorites, security and more

- Launch Programs associated with profiles (your VPN, instant messaging, etc.)


There are many IT benefits to Access Connections that are still very valid for Win7 - pretty much all the TVT's have that story



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Re: Advantage of Lenovo drivers/applications over Windows 7?

2009-11-10, 4:50 AM

For what it's worth, Access Connections caused a lot of problems for me on Vista.  Loooooong sleep/resume times, slow, and sometimes the program would freeze.  AC will be one TVT that I am not reinstalling with 7.

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Re: Advantage of Lenovo drivers/applications over Windows 7?

2009-11-10, 15:15 PM

From a technical support view point,  Lenovo supports it's own drivers on it's own machines. Issues with non-lenovo drivers cannot be fixed, as Lenovo does not own the drivers.



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Re: Advantage of Lenovo drivers/applications over Windows 7?

2009-11-22, 11:31 AM

For most of them, I would agree in principle that there is no difference, but smarter minds would need to weigh in.


For example:


Fingerprint - The Lenovo stores fingerprints in secured hardware, correct?  So, pure Windows driver may lose this feature.


System Interface - This gives you the on-screen-green display of volume, etc., so if you don't care about that, I guess don't install.


Access Connections - I regularly use docking station, and can set up a mixed profile with WiFi and GigE, and it always works correctly.  I don't want to mess with removing it, since there seems to be no drawback to using it.


System Update - My Dells don't have any comparable service, and looking for packages by hand is a pain.


Overall, I tested my system with Windows 7 "raw" and then installed the Lenovo packages.  I see virtually no speed degradation.  I would advise anyone to just use the Lenovo utilities, they are what set apart the computer vs. some generic brands.

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