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Any known Vista SP1 issues

2008-04-15, 14:00 PM
Windows Update says that SP1 is ready to download on my 3000 N100.  I always get a little nervous before installing big things like this, so are there any known big problems that I would have to be worried about.  Also, what are the advantages of having SP1 on my machine?  The way I am thinking right now is: If it's not broken, don't fix it.  I have never had any issues with Vista.

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Re: Any known Vista SP1 issues

2008-04-15, 16:15 PM
it is better if you DONOT install sp1 as of now
many issues have surfaced and people are fuming over them sp1 certainly is sumthing of a loss than gain if installed wait untill all drivers are supported on ur system..
microsoft support personel for sp1 themselves have mentioned to remove all non microsoft services before installing sp1 so its better not to install it :smileywink:

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Re: Any known Vista SP1 issues

2008-04-15, 19:24 PM
Thanks for your response.  Like I said, I have never had any big problems with Vista, so I was thinking it was best to just leave it alone for now unless there was a big advantage to installing SP1.  Thanks again!

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Re: Any known Vista SP1 issues

2008-04-15, 21:37 PM
Vista SP1 works great here on my Thinkpad. As did all the RC's.

It fixes more than it breaks.  Listening to someone who is clearly not a Vista fan slap it down like that is silly.  Personally I would install it (have installed it) and I can say it is better.  File copies are faster.  Power management means battery life is longer.  UAC prompts a little less.  Things like that.

Anyone who says not to install a Service Pack is telling you not to fix your computer.  Yes, there were a few compatibility issues with drivers initially, but MS spotted that and Windows Update will not offer it to you unless it is compatible.

If you do have issues installing it, MS will offer free support for SP1 upgrades.

Saying all that, the choice is obviously yours... upgrade whenever you feel like it!

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Re: Any known Vista SP1 issues

2008-04-15, 23:58 PM
While I am by no means a Vista fan. I did install SP1 on my R61 and it is noticeably better than pre-SP1. There may be some problems but so far I have found none. I haven't went looking for then either. YMMV.
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Re: Any known Vista SP1 issues

2008-04-16, 4:33 AM

I can not speak from personal experiance of installing SP 1 on my T61. I am one of those who is waiting (and waiting) for Lenovo to finally update the integrated graphics driver, which MS has identified as a problem and thus, withheld SP1 from Updates. I continue to believe that Lenovo is diligently working to solve this problem and serve the needs of its customers (though my belief that they will do this in a timely fashion is fast disappearing).

From my read, the suggestion to stop non-MS services only calls for this to happen during the update process. Once the update is completed, those services can be restarted.  This doesn't seem much different from the typcal warning to close all applications when installing most programs. Thus perhaps you should not read this request as an indictment of horrible problems from SP1 or the heavy hand of MS trying to control what you can use.

While some users have indeed reported having problems with the install, many others give positive reviews of the update process and the results. This and other Thinkpad forums are filled with people who are having real problems with their computers that I have never had. I am happy to have purchased my T61 and am glad I was not scared away by these issues being reported.  I am a cautious individual and have currently avoided the direct install approach, but I won't let these forum reports keep me from making the upgrade to SP1 when the driver problem is given the all clear.

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Re: Any known Vista SP1 issues

2008-05-05, 4:32 AM
I have installed Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 on several computers running Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Edition (both x86 and x64) without incident.  I should note, though, that the computers had retail installations of the operating system and not a customized preload such as is provided by Lenovo.
You might want to back up any valuable data off the computer for safekeeping, and then try installing the Service Pack.
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Re: Any known Vista SP1 issues

2008-05-15, 14:12 PM
Vista SP1 on my laptop works pretty good and the battery life has actually improved. Still its best to Google all your devices and software to check for SP1 problems before upgrading to save yourself a headache.
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Re: Any known Vista SP1 issues

2008-05-16, 2:32 AM
likewise, vista sp1 has improved the performance of my computer
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