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LENOVO... where are Windows 7 drivers?

2009-10-06, 3:44 AM

With Windows 7 planned release date in a little over 2 weeks what are LENOVO plans regarding the drivers?


I have Ideapad U330 and would like to know when (and if) I can expect to see the drivers for my laptop.


Mark it would be nice if you could shed some light on this topic.



Thank you!





Solved! See the solution

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Lenovo N200 and Windows 7

2009-06-30, 16:06 PM
Will we be getting Windows 7 drivers for the laptops or are the Vista drivers good for W7 aswell?

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Re: LENOVO... where are Windows 7 drivers?

2009-10-06, 3:49 AM

check out the Win7RTM board:






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Re: Lenovo N200 and Windows 7

2009-10-06, 8:29 AM
I would like to know that as well. Windows 7 release is on October 22th, so any help from Lenovo would be appreciated.

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Lenovo Campus in Morrisville, NC

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Re: LENOVO... where are Windows 7 drivers?

2009-10-06, 12:50 PM

As stated in numerous locales in this forum, Lenovo will post Win 7 drivers on the announce date

for Windows 7.



Lenovo Win 7 test Team

Lenovo Enterprise Systems Experts

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This helped me too


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Re: Lenovo N200 and Windows 7

2009-10-12, 21:32 PM

Pretty much everything works out of the box, it's really nothing to worry about. 


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Re: LENOVO... where are Windows 7 drivers?

2009-10-18, 2:57 AM

Lenovo's unwillingness to release drivers to anyone in the community is just a little myopic and counterproductrive. There are many of us who are hosting Microsoft Windows 7 parties, are missing drivers and are using laptops for one reason or another.  In my case an X31 X61 and T42p  I am registered with Microsoft as hosting a party, there will be 15 people on the first night and 15 on the second night.  I will have to apopogize to the guests, informing them of the reason why bluetooth does not function properly, Video chatters, and other items that obviously need drivers.


Thanks Lenovo


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Re: Lenovo N200 and Windows

2009-11-02, 16:15 PM

Regarding the Win 7 drivers, I have 2 problems. To start, I have installed a supposedly Win7 driver for the fingerprint sensor. Now the program tells me to check if the sensor is on and working. Through Device Manager, no problem, everything seems ok. I think that maybe the drivers aren't the good ones, or something else happened. I can also mention the fact that the fingerprint sensor didn't work properly neither under Win Vista. This meaning that under Win Vista I could run the tutorial for the fingerprint authentication, but I didn't have the "options" tab in the program so that I could make a logon using the fingerprint.


The second problem would be the fact that when I recover my laptop from the "sleep" state, all the functions are starting correctly but the screen is still blank (black), it's like it doesn't start. I have installed the Vista drivers, I think, for the video. Anyone any ideas?

P.S. the model is 3000 series (or ValueLine) N200 AH4

Sorry if the post is not in the right category.


Thanks for the answer(s)!


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Re: LENOVO... where are Windows 7 drivers?

2009-11-03, 5:09 AM
USB-C: Just cos it fits don't mean it works.
I don't work for Lenovo. I'm a crazy volunteer!

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Re: Lenovo N200 and Windows

2009-12-17, 9:44 AM

I've got exactly the same problem. I've tried two versions of windows 7 ultimate. The first one was an US version I guess, which worked quite ok, the fingerprint sensor was detected automatically and worked perfect. But i did have this blank screen problem which I really want to solve. In my case, I had to reset my laptop a few times after a reboot because I had i blank screen. This resulted in a corrupted file system so I had to reinstall my system because the chkdsk wasn't able to repair the corrupted sectors.


Then I installed Win7 ultimate NL edition. This time the OS didn't recognize the fingerprint sensor and I still have this blank screen problem once in a while when I reboot my system. However, this problem never occurs when I put my laptop in sleep state and just sometimes when reboot my system. I have read some things about this problem and many users with different hardware configurations suffer the same, it has something to do with the external monitor (whether it is connected or not). Windows decides to power off the notebook screen for some reason. 

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