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Re: Lenovo Metro Apps

2012-12-29, 14:08 PM
Hello....?! We are talking about getting the Lenovo settings apps for those of us who have older laptops that are supposed to "support" windows 8. If you purchased a laptop with Win8 and already hav3 Lenovo settings you are all set.

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Re: Lenovo Metro Apps

2012-12-29, 21:11 PM

If it were legal, I would send the ISO to you, bloatware and all. Then you could refresh your PCs and there wouldn't be a problem.


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Re: ThinkPad software for Windows 8

2012-12-29, 22:35 PM

Works for me on the X220 as well.  When you get the error message it will try and install with compatability mode with XP SP3.  If you click on the other option on that window, you can select "This used to work under Windows 7" and then it will install under W7 compatability.  I did that and have seen absolutely no change to PM's functionality.


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Re: ThinkPad software for Windows 8

2012-12-30, 13:33 PM

I have everything working perfectly smoothly with power manager in Win 8. Here's what I did.


I originally upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8 and downloaded all drivers for my specific model (x230 Tablet 3434CTO). This installed ThinkPad Power Manager 7, and it was very buggy and froze on me all the time. 


Following this, I did "Reset my PC" through windows 8 metro menu (complete reinstall/wipe) as indicated above. I reinstalled all drivers and utilities again (installed the windows 8  power managerdrivers first), but this time I somehow ended up with Thinkpad Power Manager 6, installed with compatibility for Windows 7. This works wonderfully, very snappy.


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Re: ThinkPad software for Windows 8

2013-01-02, 2:49 AM



maybe the Lenovo apps can be zipped from this folder.

Just a volunteer. Please post your questions in the forum, as I will not reply if they are sent in a personal message.

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Re: ThinkPad software for Windows 8

2013-01-02, 21:28 PM

I have a X220 which has been upgraded to Windows 8, but without ThinkVantage Access Connection and Power Manager, this is a crippled ThinkPad.


I'm wondering if it's possible to extract this 'Lenovo Settings' app from a current model ThinkPad running Windows 8 and either somehow insert into an upgraded older model ThinkPad somehow, or to deploy it through Windows Intune?

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Re: ThinkPad software for Windows 8

2013-01-05, 23:12 PM

Guys, at this moment I really don't know what to ssay about Windows 8 and these lenovo special tools. I was an early adopter of Windows 8, back from my Toshiba days. I started with Windows 8 as my only OS for my t420s laptop and it was fun. However something was missing: the lenovo utilities for making use us full laptop potential. Jost out of curiosity I reinstalled my windows 7 and for the moment I will stick with it. Even they say that many of the functionalities of lenovo utilities are now embeded into windows 8 core system I really can say that there aren't. If you install windows 8 on a lenovo macine it will be neither bed nor fantastic, just not using your machine at it's full potential.

I have talked with lenovo support about these utilities and they say that their programmers are working in making the utilities and functionalities compatible with windows 8. But until then I will remain to win 7.




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Re: ThinkPad software for Windows 8

2013-01-10, 23:06 PM

I can't believe that lenvovo can't figure out how to make these Metro apps available to their customers.  Each thinkpad comes with so much bloatware, so many people just end up wiping the hd.


I just got my 2nd W530, and quite frankly, they're both going back.  Being an island on Win8 w/ out proper support from the manufacturer and their supporting tools for those that want to wipe the HD of all the crap they provide and put back the bare essentials, makes me question just how soon MSFT will just make all the HW. 




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Re: ThinkPad software for Windows 8

2013-01-10, 23:08 PM
Lenovo doesn't need to "figure out" how to deploy the Metro Apps. There are several ways. They just don't care.

And this message will be deleted in 3... 2...

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Re: ThinkPad software for Windows 8

2013-01-11, 0:03 AM

Just got my RMA #'s.  Funny, no wait on hold tonight, got right through... 


Full purchase price back, and no shipping charges either..


Fascinating - Lenovo's lost.

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