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Re: ThinkPad software for Windows 8

2013-02-22, 14:24 PM

hmm, after seeing the announcement on Chromebooks and Lenovo being the GOTO partner, not so sure Lenovo is really caring about Win8+ at this point. 


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Re: ThinkPad software for Windows 8

2013-02-22, 14:28 PM



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Re: ThinkPad software for Windows 8

2013-02-23, 13:51 PM
E520 same problem but improved since Broadcom driver installed and Bluetooth turned off

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Re: ThinkPad software for Windows 8

2013-02-25, 13:51 PM

Same here. I was so foolish an bought it 1 Month before Win 8 came out. Lenovo advertised on it's website the upgrade for only 10$ or so. I fought its not worth the wait. I've never been so wrong...

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Re: ThinkPad software for Windows 8

2013-02-25, 19:16 PM

Wow... It's been a while since I checked in.  I'm shocked (not really though based on how long this had gone on before) that Lenovo hasn't done anything yet.  Beginning to think that Lenovo shouldn't have said that they are going to support Windows 8 on older devices as it is clear that they have completely forgotten them.  I am a bit surprised that no Lenovo trolls have actually commented on the progress of this.  That is what would lead me to believe that there will be no support for older devices, which will ultimately drive people like me and other loyal customers to elect a different brand for their next purchase.  In my case, I purchased a W520 back at the beginning of the Summer of 2012. The computer is still under warranty and already I can't install a newer operating system on it.  To Lenovo: your developers and PR people have fallen down on this.  You need to make sure that you don't only worry about prospective customers but also past customers as if you lose all of your past customers, you probably won't make that up with new ones.


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Re: ThinkPad software for Windows 8

2013-02-26, 9:42 AM

Hello everybody,


I'm really disappointed about what is goinig on here. I was impressed of my Thinkpad T520, running Win7 on it. The ThinkVantage programms were the key of making this kind of notebooks so special. But if I tried to install Win8 last week, right knowing there could be some "childhood illnesses". It was a mess!  Whats going on? - There are about 4 months right now since the release of new windows 8! I mean, hello? Lenovo is one of the most important producers of business hardware?! Is this the way of how dealing with customers? Whithout wasting any words on the lack of quality over the last years. Honestly, Lenovo, nowbody of your customers is interested of who is fault on this situation. We all want to just own a functional device, we paid for. One last question: Why I should buy a little more expensive hardware in future, if I could get the same or less problems with cheaper hardware? Where is the advantage? Just to clarify, I'm ready to pay for better hardware, support, features, all of them would be no problem, but I have a confidence of Lenovo is developing itself to just another seller of mass production ware. So please Lenovo, hold on being this kind of manufacturer you were in the past and don't spit on the brand ThinkPad, which stands still for quality.


Best regards of just another student of computer science.


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Re: ThinkPad software for Windows 8

2013-02-26, 10:40 AM

@ lennyThink  1              @lenovo  0

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Re: ThinkPad software for Windows 8

2013-02-26, 11:01 AM

Can't believe no officiel statement has been made from Lenovo on this matter. I love my Lenovo but I really expected much more in regards of support and customercare from Lenovo. Just shows I didn't know enough about this brand, fortunately I got a great deal on my laptop. I would probably be quite p***** off by now if I'd paid full price.

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Re: ThinkPad software for Windows 8

2013-02-27, 8:56 AM

It should be so easy: http://www.teezeh.de/2013/01/10/microsoft-an-lenovo/
Why does Lenovo need more than 3 month for one call to Microsoft?

Instead of information on this, customers are left standing in the rain with accusations towards Microsoft.


P.S: sorry for my english i'm not a native speaker


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Re: ThinkPad software for Windows 8

2013-02-27, 15:51 PM

I was on Lenovo's side but more and more it lloks like Lenovo is the one to blame here too, especially after so long time. It seems the company is just waiting for the issues to quiet down since the only losing customers are the ones that went with retail or OEM license.


Here's how it works:


Windows store checks the Store Channel partner ID. On vanilla Windows it will see code 10005001 while on Lenovo preinstalled images it will be 10012072 thus the Store will obviously tell you that the app is not available for your PC.



To find this ID follow these easy steps that will only take a couple of minutes to complete:

  1. Start the Windows App Store application and wait for the home screen to load. Make sure branded featured list is visible.
  2. Open “Run” dialog by pressing Win+R
  3. Copy-paste the following text there notepad “%localappdata%\Packages\WinStore_cw5n1h2txyewy\AC\Temp\winstore.log” and press Enter. A text log file will open in notepad
  4. Press Ctrl+F to search for a string: Channel partner ID set to


I have to note following:

This unfortunately isn't only Lenovo but all OEMs like Dell, Samsung whatever. They all have their channel.

The only people left in rain so to say are the ones who went with retail or OEM versions of Windows, ie ones who purchased their software separately.


For the people who accidentally wiped their drives the recovery DVDs are going to be their only solution.


GIVE US THE UPDATED DESKTOP SOFTWARE or submit your apps to regular channel (there are ways to verify its Lenovo it is running on, afterall you provide dependencies separately)and STOP with the SILENCE!



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