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Re: ThinkPad software for Windows 8

2013-03-31, 9:16 AM

The solution can be found here:




You need to install both the driver AND Access Connections.  I've verified that this works on a X230, and it should work on most ThinkPads.


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Re: ThinkPad software for Windows 8

2013-03-31, 9:19 AM

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I am not a Lenovo employee


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Re: ThinkPad software for Windows 8

2013-03-31, 17:18 PM


New "Lenovo Settings" Metro App released...


Hi Folks:


I notice that Lenovo has released a new version 2.0 of the Lenovo Settings Metro app.  This brings some additional functionality that was missing from the first release.


At the same time, a new 'Settings Dependency' package has also been released.  If you load the new Metro app without updating the Settings Dependency, the Metro app will ask you to go fetch the updated settings dependency software as soon as you try to do something.


The Settings Dependency package is available via Lenovo Update (automatic install), but to get the new Metro App, you have to go to the 'Store' icon on the Windows 8 page that has all the tiles.



Hi Michael,


I don't see the v2 version. Could you please publish here the link for that version?


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Re: ThinkPad software for Windows 8

2013-04-02, 16:25 PM

Hi Smokers:


Well, there's not actually a download link for it, because the new application comes from the Windows 8 App Store, not from Lenovo.


If you go to the "tile desktop" of Windows 8 (not the normal desktop on the computer, but that newfangled thing that came out with Windows 8 - Metro or whatever), and click on the Store icon, then look in the upper right hand corner of the screen after a few seconds, you should see that an update is available from the Windows Store.



W520 (4270 CTO), which replaced a W500 (4062-27U), which replaced a T42P, which replaced an A21P...

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Re: ThinkPad software for Windows 8

2013-04-02, 17:33 PM

Apparently it's not available all over the world yet... We only get v1.1.0.11788 here in Switzerland. Since I am curious: What new Settings are available?

Thanks! Martin


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Re: ThinkPad software for Windows 8

2013-04-08, 21:11 PM


When will be available Access Connections for Windows 8 ?


I'll not believe that Lenovo will not do the necessary adaptations of this application to meet Win'8 requirements.


Since many years, apart with System Update, Access Connections is the best application from Lenovo, so it cannot disappear just like that!!! We are not changing from Windows 7 to some martial OS, it's only Windows 8!


Please analyse this huge problem you create to Thinkpad users and lovers like me!





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Re: ThinkPad software foro Windows 8

2013-04-11, 14:03 PM
Moved to the apparopriate language section of the community
I don't work for Lenovo

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Re: ThinkPad software foro Windows 8

2013-05-12, 22:09 PM

Several months back I decided to go with Win 8 on my T420 system.


I loved the overall lightness of the new win system but I miss the original Lenovo Thinkpad software.


One specific one that I miss is the battery management software which seems to be integrated into the Win 8 system, thus it won't allow me to better manage the battery life.


I've already used the Software Update soft by Lenovo but the battery management soft is not there.


Any suggestions ?


Moderator Note; subject edited; post merged in. Was; Battery management on win 8 T420 syste


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Re: ThinkPad software foro Windows 8

2013-06-03, 17:58 PM

Thanks for the updated software. I do have one feature request:


If there are multiple network connections available, it would be nice to be able to select which connection to share over the hotspot.




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Re: ThinkPad software for Windows 8

2013-06-05, 14:11 PM

Do these awesome Lenovo software applications have to be converted to work as metro apps to be deemed compatible?


Some of us got win8 on a laptop (or upgraded to it from a 'unofficial' Win7 installation) and still never go near the metro apps and have set our OS to go right to the desktop on bootup.


I don't think these "incompatibilities" are indeed true, however. At first I updraded from Win7, where I had all Lenovo Software installed and it worked still fine

- Access Connections

- Fingerprint Reader

- Power Manager


For Power Manager, it didn't work exactly as set at first - It would charge the battery up to 100% even if I had set it to stop at 40%, but after resaving the options under Win8 it worked fine.


My point is most of us would love to see whatever conflicts there might be with Win8 sorted before trying to release lenovo software as Metro Apps.

Not all of us have or like touch screens

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