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W8 Power Manager @ 7.25?

2013-03-27, 6:46 AM

I’ve been looking through the forums, but I cannot find any mention of this:


I have a W520 Thinkpad with the Windows 8 Pro upgrade, I think I know my system pretty well, nothing happens on it that I do not understand, except this one thing, my power manager.


It started when the official Lenovo settings metro app come out for my PC, I installed it and updated the Settings dependency package as required for the app. A couple of days latter I went to my power manager (I install the windows 7 version 6.32) and I saw that it was updated to some 7.** version (I think it was 7.10, but I cannot be sure). I thought that was cool, maybe Lenovo is finally updating the power manager for Windows 8. So I did some basic searches on it, and came up with nothing. So I thought maybe it was a bug, or a pre release, maybe the support site is just slow, so I waited a couple of weeks. Then just today I checked my power manager again: version 7.25. That is new, so therefore I went information hunting again, which came up with nothing. No where on lenovo’s support site says anything about any laptop power managers with a version of 7.25. The power manager isn't even updating like I would think it would. It only has updated with the settings dependency packages, and there is no release logs that address this.

Can anyone shed light on this?




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Re: W8 Power Manager @ 7.25?

2013-03-27, 12:53 PM
I had the same, i installed Lenovo Settings metro app, of cours dependency package as well. As this app really does nothing, it very simple useless app, i installed Power manager for Windows 7 and after few days i have found out, that power manager version is quite strange, 7.25, that is nowhere for download. So i have the same question ,what is this version about and how is power manager related to dependency package?
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Re: W8 Power Manager @ 7.25?

2013-03-27, 15:31 PM

There is not any supported Power Manager for Windows 8.

This 7.25 version thing happens when you force Power Manager to install on Win8, and then also install the Dependency Package.  I have no ideas what bad things happen when you do this.


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Re: W8 Power Manager @ 7.25?

2013-03-27, 23:02 PM

I haven't detected anything bad (so far) with Power Manager installed. Originally I was having many shutdown/reboot/hybrid shutdown/bootup login problems which I thought were caused by PM but after uninstalling PM the problems still occurred though less frequently.  It turned out that these issues were caused by Avast.  Once I removed Avast all these problems disappeared so I reinstalled PM ,enabled Defender and now everything works flawlessly and bootup to the login screen takes 13 seconds (ssd+uefi).


Really starting to enjoy Windows 8 now.:smileyvery-happy:


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