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atlanta ga

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Re: Win 7 upgrade program - delivery updates

2009-11-06, 16:32 PM

i am so tired disgusted fed up with being told its pending payment, blah blah blah


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Re: Win 7 upgrade program - delivery updates

2009-11-06, 17:31 PM

Order Date : Thursday, September 03, 2009

Order No. : LENOVO019XXXX


Credit Card charged: Oct. 25th

systemauto@mmedia.mis.com.sg   Email - shipped :  today ...November 06


No tracking info yet.


Status still black line


$31USD  to Canada


ThinkPad W500


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Austin, TX

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Re: Win 7 upgrade program - delivery updates

2009-11-06, 18:20 PM

I don't think the order number means anything.  Mine is in the 12XXXX's and still has not shipped.  They are clearly not processing the orders sequentially; otherwise, I should already have my disc, in my opinion.

R51 1836-Q7U
T500 2081-CTO

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Re: Win 7 upgrade program - delivery updates

2009-11-06, 18:47 PM

Yeah, i think the orders are processed by the product line. Since there was a conflict about certain drivers cd not being shipped or what not for the Idea line thats why they are behind in processing orders for Idea owners.



Just called MM in Ontario and they said that my order should be processed (charged) within the next 24-48 business hours. I just called to see if there was a problem with my CC and thats why it still says payment pending, this nice lady said just give it until tuesday of next week. And if there is a problem with the CC, they will email me with a link to re enter the info.




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Re: wish mentor media would ship upgrades

2009-11-06, 19:05 PM


Mark Hopkins
Project Manager, Social Media:


My Order Date : Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Order No. : LENOVO0250517

My credit card was charged USD 17.03 on October 25 2009, ten business days ago.

No email was sent to me upon successful payment, despite my order confirmation email that states:

"An email will be sent to you upon successful payment."

What date will you be shipping me windows 7?

Thank you.



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Re: Win 7 upgrade program - delivery updates

2009-11-06, 20:22 PM

i've regretted my purchase ever since i bought my t500.


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Morganton, NC

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Re: Win 7 upgrade program - delivery updates

2009-11-07, 0:04 AM

Well, my tracking number is actually showing the progress of my shipment.  Would be great if it would show a delivery date.   Mine started in CA and has arrived in NC -- today.   At least I'm in the same state as my software :) 


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New York

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Re: Win 7 upgrade program - delivery updates

2009-11-07, 2:02 AM

I received my email yesterday also that it was enroute. I used the supplied  tracking number but its missing something and errors out at the UPS page. The number provided has more than 25 digits and doesn't contain a alpha numeric in the tracking #. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get it to work let me know. I've tried to use just the first 25 and last 25 of the string and no success.








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Carson, California

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Re: Win 7 upgrade program - delivery updates

2009-11-07, 2:22 AM

The tracking number is actually a USPS number (at least in my case it is - I am in CA).   Use track and confirm at www.usps.com.  I think the package is delivered to USPS via UPS.  If there is no tracking info, try the next day. 


My tracking info showed up the next day after I received the shipping confirmation email.  At first, I tried the tracking number at the address in the email (UPS website), but it not a UPS tracking number.  Then I found a general purpose tracking website which informed me that it was a USPS number.   Now I am tracking directly at usps.com.  Hopefully I will receive mine tomorrow!


Edit:  I see on the previous page that this address should be used for tracking: http://www.ups-mi.net/packageID/default.aspx   But in my case on the usps site it shows more recent information.


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Re: Win 7 upgrade program - delivery updates

2009-11-07, 3:12 AM

I'm impressed,


It's said "payment pending" since Windows 7 was released, now I can't even get to the site without an "Untrusted Connection" error because (in the words of the error) "this site's identity can't be verified."


While I love my laptop, more and more I'm thinking of removing all the partitions and moving permenantly to Ubuntu, if I didn't do video editing I would have done it already.

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