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Re: Latest order status!

2009-11-10, 19:14 PM

Order No   LENOVO0694519 Order Status         Payment Status   Pass (Payment Made) Payment Date   Wednesday, November 04, 2009


I checked the status yesterday and it showed "ready to ship" but then i checked it again today, the order status is now empty. why is this?...


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Re: Win 7 upgrade program - delivery updates

2009-11-10, 19:26 PM

A quick update -


After calling Mentor last week and being told I would be sent an email to re-enter my payment (credit card) info, they told me they would send an email within 24h. Suffice it to say, I haven't got that email. Status is still "pending resubmit". I called this morning and they again said they would send the email within 24 hours. After I get off the phone, I get an email asking for POP - even though I had already taken care of this before the release date. Rather than just re-do the POP and hope it got straightened out, I called again and asked them to send the link for payment. The woman (I think it may have been the same one) re-iterated that the would send the correct email with the link within one day, and if they didn't to call back. I asked to take care of it over the phone by giving them my credit card number, but she said they couldn't handle credit card numbers over the phone. Oh well. I am very frustrated and will be more *^%#@ed off if the same thing repeats one more time. It shouldn't be that hard to take care of something like this.


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Re: Win 7 upgrade program - delivery updates

2009-11-10, 20:03 PM

My credit card was charged over 2 weeks ago and have heard NOTHING! I think it's time someone from Lenovo told us what's really going on. Or it's time to call the Better Business Bureau. Enough is enough!!


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Re: Win 7 upgrade program - delivery updates

2009-11-10, 20:17 PM

I'm joining the growing chorus of highly disatisfied customers who are left holding the bag waiting for their Windows 7 upgrade after buying a brand new machine just before the release.  The notice of shipment I received 5 days ago does not reflect a valid UPS tracking number.  I also have a blank order status field now.  I attempted to call Lenovo customer care and they said they are escalating my complaint and to check back in after 2 days.  Honestly, I'm not counting on much.


I agree with Wendel's post... First, we should all start disputing the charges with our credit card companies for failure to deliver the purchases.  Then we should call the BBB and our state attorneys general to complain about the horrendous service and failure to deliver the product ordered.  If that fails, a class action suit has a great way of motivating companies to deliver ( and maybe just return that $17.03 S&H charge for the "free" upgrade).  It seems like we have more than enough people to form a class action...




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Re: Win 7 upgrade program - delivery updates

2009-11-10, 20:33 PM

Y'all should relax. Windows 7 was released a bit over two weeks ago. They're shipping out a gazillion of these things -- a little delay is to be expected. Now, a couple of useful notes:


(1) If you're waiting for your free upgrade, you have a pretty modern machine. Windows 7 is a little prettier and boots a little faster, but it is really not much different from Vista. Just to get your expectations in order.


(2) If you really need or want Windows 7 now, just grab a retail 7 Pro upgrade DVD from a friend or a "friend," and install it. You can use Windows 7 for 30 days without an activation key. When your Lenovo upgrade arrives -- and it will -- activate using it. I did this. It works.


I'm running a T400s, ordered my upgrade in late August, and received my upgrade DVD yesterday. It shipped from Ontario.


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Re: Win 7 upgrade program - delivery updates

2009-11-10, 20:38 PM



The notice of shipment I received 5 days ago does not reflect a valid UPS tracking number.



As has been stated MANY times on this thread, the tracking number is for UPS Mail Innovations, NOT UPS.  But by all means, call the BBB because you misread something.




R51 1836-Q7U
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Re: Win 7 upgrade program - delivery updates

2009-11-10, 21:37 PM

It's one issue to have delays in order fulfillment... that can be understandable.


However it's a far different issue when you are billed over two weeks ago for an item that has not even been shipped.


Somehow I don't believe there is an excuse for the second  type of behavior. Correct me if I'm wrong.




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Re: Win 7 upgrade program - delivery updates

2009-11-10, 22:22 PM

I rec my Win 7 64-bit Pro upgrade today. For those of you interested in the timeline, here ya go:

- 07/10 - Ordered T400s

- 08/22 - Ordered Win7 from Mentor Media website and submitted Proof of Purchase via e-mail JPG on same day

- 10/25 - credit card charged

- 11/5 - shipment notification, shipped via UPS MI

- 11/6 - Shipped from CA to Austin, TX

- 11/7 - Shipment rec at destination facility

- 11/7 - Transfer to USPS

- 11/10 - Delivery to mailbox (Mentor Media website still shows Black Box)


11 days from charging of credit card to shipment (8 business days)

16 days from charging of credit card to delivery (12 business days)
19 days from Windows 7 release to delivery


This performance by Mentor Media (manages the OEM upgrade program), Microsoft (chose Mentor Media for the Windows 7 OEM upgrade program), and Lenovo (chose to participate in the Microsoft OEM Windows 7 upgrade program) is unacceptable.


Even if I were receiving this upgrade for free, I would not choose this option again. Simply put, when I purchased my computer in July, the value and experience of the purchase included the Windows 7 upgrade. Clearly, Lenovo, Microsoft, and Mentor Media felt otherwise.


So, what do I do?? I voice my opinion as a consumer with my money. Next time, I will not purchase a Lenovo or any other brand product that uses promises of upgrades involving Microsoft or Mentor Media to sell their products. Instead, I will delay my purchase until the release, or take my business somewhere else.


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Re: Latest order status!

2009-11-10, 23:17 PM

Sorry, but in this case, the moderator is completely WRONG. Both Lenovo and Mentor Media gave the impression that WIN 7 would be in people's hands not long after release.


Here is what Mentor Media's site to request the upgrade says:


"Upgrade availabiltiy for Windows 7 is dependent upon Microsof't's product release schedule. The tentative release date is October 22, 2009. All orders received prior to the release date will be collected and held for processing until Windows 7 releases to the public. Customers will be notified of their order status via emai.


Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery after your order is processed."


This certainly sounds to me like they would be holding early orders for processing on October 22. DELIVERY, not shipment, should be expected one to two weeks later. As in everyone who pre-ordered should have reasonably expected to already have it in their hands by now.


Needless to say, I don't have it in my hands, .... and I can't even check my order status. More on that later.


I think the sighing moderator should apologize.


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Thousand Oaks, California

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Re: Win 7 upgrade program - delivery updates

2009-11-11, 3:14 AM

I suppose I will add in my experience thus far...


I ordered my W500 back on August 24th.


My payment went through succesfully on October 25th.


Here it is, November 10th. I have not received any notification that my product has been shipped, and my order status just shows a black bar again (it was fixed the first time it happened, but it came back sometime between yesterday and early this afternoon.)


I should add that while I am not in any rush to receive my copy of Windows 7, it would be nice to get an official status update considering that I am owed a copy, and I paid over two weeks ago to have it shipped.



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