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Re: Win 7 upgrade program - delivery updates

2009-11-11, 3:28 AM



I rec my Win 7 64-bit Pro upgrade today. For those of you interested in the timeline, here ya go:

- 07/10 - Ordered T400s

- 08/22 - Ordered Win7 from Mentor Media website and submitted Proof of Purchase via e-mail JPG on same day

- 10/25 - credit card charged

- 11/5 - shipment notification, shipped via UPS MI

- 11/6 - Shipped from CA to Austin, TX

- 11/7 - Shipment rec at destination facility

- 11/7 - Transfer to USPS

- 11/10 - Delivery to mailbox (Mentor Media website still shows Black Box)


11 days from charging of credit card to shipment (8 business days)

16 days from charging of credit card to delivery (12 business days)
19 days from Windows 7 release to delivery



Lucky... I ordered both my laptops and their upgrades before you, and apparently my order is still "fulfillment in progress".  Even though I was told over the phone last Thursday that my order should've shipped by Friday.  Beginning to wonder if some Idea customers might actually get their upgrades before me.  11/16 is right around the corner...


By contrast, I ordered my Dell free upgrade on 10/26 and had it in hand on 11/6.  This does not indicate a problem with Mentor Media (Dell used them too) and makes Lenovo look bad, IMO, as a Dell Optiplex I ordered almost three months after my Thinkpads already has its Windows 7 installed.  For that matter, Dell didn't charge me for shipping and handling either.  I'm not going to get all bent out of shape and swear off Lenovo for good, but this is becoming more than mildly annoying.

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Re: Win 7 upgrade program - delivery updates

2009-11-11, 3:45 AM

I purchased a Y550 beginning of Aug. 09. The software was corrupt when I received it, even support could,nt figure it out. I'm still unable to down load several Vista updates. Really need to do a clean install of Win7 hoping my troubles will be over. I really don't care about the additional stuff from Lenovo. I may be a blond female who bought a cheap laptop, but I'm not a computer dummy. Just send Win7 already. I too got the dreaded ideapad "you'll have to wait some more" e-mail. AAAArg.


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Re: Win 7 upgrade program - delivery updates

2009-11-11, 4:00 AM
Two message that violated the forum rules have been removed.


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Re: Win 7 upgrade program - delivery update

2009-11-11, 13:26 PM



10-29-09, Mark_Lenovo wrote:

"We will proactively communicate status to all customers with open Windows 7 upgrade orders via an email within the next day.   This should reduce the volume of status inquiries and allow the customer service teams to recover faster and focus on resolving proof of purchase and credit card issues and getting orders cleared."


10-31-09, Mark_Lenovo wrote:

"...[O]ne of our communication actions is to send an email out to all our customers with open orders advising them of status. "


11-03-09, Mark_Lenovo wrote:

"Proactive emails for customers in some countries have already been sent, and an update should be going out to for Think and Idea customers today to advise them of overall Windows 7 upgrade status."



Okay, I'm willing to forgive Lenovo for things that may be MentorMedia's fault, but three times now I've been told that Lenovo had sent (or would send in the next 24h) a note to "all customers" with status information regarding their Win7 upgrade order.


I have NOT received ANY communication from Lenovo regarding my Win7 upgrade order.  (And yes, I've checked my spam filters.)


I would have felt a little better had I just gotten an informative email from Lenovo telling me what was going on...especially since I was told to expect one.


Now I'm left wondering if Lenovo has forgotten that I'm even a customer!  Did everyone get a note from Lenovo except for me?


I also notice it's been days since Mark_Lenovo has posted here, so even that opportunity for information has been cut off.


As I've said before, I'd be willing to wait patiently indefinitely if I knew it was just a matter of waiting.  But I have the feeling that someone, somewhere, is waiting for me to do something with my order, but they've never told me what and I can't ask anyone who could tell me.


Very, very frustrating.


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Re: Win 7 upgrade program - delivery update

2009-11-11, 14:09 PM

FWIW, I ordered my thinkpad and w7 upgrade mid september, and just got the w7 media.  I got no notice from mentor media about shipping status, it simply arrived. 


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Re: Win 7 upgrade program - delivery update

2009-11-11, 14:09 PM



I've been checking in on the thread and following the common experience points, but you are right it would be helpful to be visible.


I'm sorry that you didn't receive your email notification - I'll look into the criteria / filter that was used to determine the lists, but unfortunately at present I don't have a way to research individual cases to answer why this, or why that. 


Some have received emails, and there were several different emails sent targeted to Think and Idea customers, and some additional ones that may have been organized at a country level.


I know there remain a number of questions like "what does the black bar mean?" on the shipping status, etc.  Our teams have been putting a number of change requests into Mentor Media and I hope to get some answers and an update later today and will try to answer some of  these.   Questions on shipping method by country have come up as well and I believe I'll be able to respond to that one later today as well.


I'll be back before the end of today.


Best regards,






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Re: Win 7 upgrade program - delivery update

2009-11-11, 14:33 PM

the way i look at things now, is that there is only one way to heal all of our problems.  give ourselves in to the competition. next time buy a Mac.


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Re: Win 7 upgrade program - delivery update

2009-11-11, 15:51 PM

Re: The question about whether or not Lenovo forgot everyone but you.  Definitely NOT.


I haven't heard a peep from Lenovo or Mentor Media.  We should not be having to hunt down this forum to find out if / when we will be receiving shipment. Keeping us informed is good business sense and common courtesy.


I, too, have the informative "black bar" in the status field. Fortunately, my credit card was charged back on October 25, just like a lot of people.


Backtracking just a bit, Lenovo and MM have handled this upgrade poorly from the start.  I ordered my T400 directly from Lenovo, and then went to register for my free upgrade. There was no record of my serial number. What should have been a 5-minute deal (which is all it was for the same process with a Toshiba laptop for my wife) ended up taking a couple of hours. I had to hunt down help on what to do since Lenovo didn't communicate anything.


After submitting a proof of purchase to MM, I received an email that included the following: "You will receive another notification email upon validation of your order." Of course, I never received any kind of validation. Hoping to make sure that I would get prompt shipment of Win 7 (I still believed Lenovo and MM that orders would be shipped on the release date), I contacted MM. I got a reply that basically said nothing.


That gets me to the black bar and having to hunt down this forum to hear about all of the email updates we will be getting, that the black bar will be fixed, and, oh, by the way, we never said to expect shipment any time soon. (This last part about shipment said by moderators who apparently haven't read what was actually said. Yes, if you preordered the Win 7 upgrade, you should have it by now. Re: Win 7 on my wife's Toshiba -- already installed a while back.)


Had Lenovo advertised "Allow 4 - 8 weeks after the release of Win 7 for delivery, but don't count on that. We won't keep you informed on the status." That definitely would have made a difference in my purchase decision.


Not having Win 7 isn't the end of the world, but it is a big productivity issue. I am on this laptop 8-10 hours per day and Vista causes daily issues. I was promised this product and have paid for it twice -- first when I bought the computer since it included "free Win 7" and second when my credit card was charged to ship my free product.


If I had known that I might or might not be getting this, I could have placed an early order at Amazon for a discounted price, and actually had the product shipped on time.




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Re: Win 7 upgrade program - delivery update

2009-11-11, 15:55 PM

OK, it seems my ordered 'Win 7 x64 upgrade' is on my way. I was just wondering:

I have two licensed copies of XP x64 Edition on my T500 now, next to CentOS x64.

This T500 came with Vista Business x64, but I kicked that off before even booting, and installed the multibooting OSes I wanted.


I'm prepared to replace one of the XP x64 Edition installs with the Windows 7 Upgrade disk, but I don't know what this 'upgrade' entails. Can I use it to install Win7 x64 cleanly, do a fresh install from DVD, or is it required to have Vista x64 or XP x86 on your SSD before installing?


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Re: Win 7 upgrade program - delivery update

2009-11-11, 16:26 PM

I have decided to cancel my order and get my $17.03 back and buy Windows 7 at full price. 

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