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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-12-02, 15:49 PM



I think I speak for most of the people on this forum when I say "Enough Is Enough!!!"


I got billed on November 22, but my status has not changed.  Therefore, I consider your statement that Lenovo has worked with Mentor Media to clean up this practice of billing long before shipping to be wrong!


I sent an inquiry on November 23 regarding when my order will be shipped since I was billed and have not received a response.  Therefore, I will also consider your statement of a 3-day turnaround wrong!


I bought an IdeaPad in August, promptly applied for the "Free" (yeah right) upgrade, and waited patiently for weeks.


It is not acceptable that October 22 pushes out to November 16, then pushes out again to December, then pushes out again to God knows when!


I would greatly appreciate it if you could provide a definitive date for when all orders submitted thus far will be shipped.  I think you and Lenovo owe us all at least that much for supporting your product in the first place!


Note from Moderator:  Comments containing personal attack on forum admin modified.


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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-12-02, 16:06 PM

Well, Lenovo lost a couple of sales today because of thier Free Windows 7 scam.  Two co-workers came to me today asking laptop advise.  They asked about Lenovo.  They had thier eye on a couple of Outlet laptops.


I asked what they used thier laptops for and in the end, I told them to get a MacBook Pro from Apple's Outlet center.  I could not recommend for them to get a Lenovo, despite the hardware specs being similar.  A friend of mine bought a Macbook Pro about the same time I ordered my Lenovo.  Here are our two experiences.



- Order Macbook

- Promptly recieved Macbook Pro

- Download two software updates.

- Got to work smiling 7 days after placing order.



- Order Lenovo

- Recieved the Lenovo 1 week after my friend.

- Download over 50 updates between windows Vista and Lenovo.  Several reboots, crashes, and frustration over two full days.

- Had Vista semi-stable 16 days after order.  I still have some conflict with Power Manager starting properly.

- Order Windows 7 upgrade the day I got the Lenovo so I could be running a decent OS.  A month after ordering, and I still and running Vista.

- Once I get Windows 7, I will spend a couple of days loading up and debugging that, and who knows when that will happen.  Lenovo does not commincate with the customer ETAs.


So, if you have friends asking about laptops, which would you recommend?  I had to recommend the Apple.  My friend that ordered one got it up and running quickly.  No 50 updates, no Vista, no frustrating wait for the Free (my @ss) Windows 7, no hassle of upgrading from Vista to Windows 7.  He pulled his Outlet computer from the book, ran two updates, did one reboot, and was done.  He been smiling for weeks, while I still don't have an entirely stable OS.


Actually, they have lost 3+ sales now.  I have had thinkpads since 1997, but this will be my last.  Between running all the upgrades, rebooting, Vista instability, paying for a free upgrade, waiting too long for said upgrade, and having to spend hours removing Lenovo's Virus-Like utilites, I have had enough.


When Lenovo has to cut staff, don't buy thier line that it is the poor economy.  It will be becuase they lie to thier customers and treat them like crap.  It will be like Compu-USA and Circuit City.  Those companies didn't go under because of the economy.  They went under because at the end of the day, thier customers were not happy with them.


Get the message Lenovo...

   - Your customers don't like being lied to (Free should be Free, not $17).

   - It shouldn't take months to get an Upgrade disk.

   - Stop loading all the Message Center, Thinkpad Tool crap on, that does the advertising, and the free trails for your partners.  No one wants to spend hours deleting total crap off thier machines.  They want to get to work.




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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-12-02, 16:23 PM


Just to add my datapoint:

Overall, judging from various upgrade stories on other forums, I think MM was/is the main culprit.

Lenovo clearly has not done themselves any favors with the way they have handled this so far. 


I have had two upgrade requests, one from Acer/eMachines (submitted Oct8) and one from Lenovo (submitted Sep23).


Both upgrade requests exhibited the same order status limbo that we all know by now.


Finally got my Acer/eMachines upgrade yesterday, Dec1 (no communication from Acer / MM about delays).


Still patiently waiting on the Lenovo upgrade for my K230. I did get the "unprecedented demand" email Nov10 from MM. CC has not been charged yet. For me, I'm ok as long as I get the upgrade before year's end, but am disappointed at the way things have progressed.


Current Lenovo status:

Order Status  Order registration confirmed. Pending payment completion.
Payment Status Pending Deduction

Payment Date NA


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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-12-02, 17:08 PM



Im in the same boat as you are.....and i have just called MM (about 5 min ago), and they said unfortunately Lenovo pushed back the software again for the Idea Series until mid December to late December.


I understand the frustration of everyone here, but my Lenovo hasnt crashed at all, hasnt given me any problems, load up times (after i hit enter on the log in screen until the little round green icon next to the mouse dissapears and CPU lights stops blinking) is super fast!!! i average around 10-15 seconds!


Ok, its not FREE like what they advertised, but $17 is worth the wait compared to the $200 price tag of the same software. And my system from lenovo is bitchin!!! Even though i dont like Vista, i havent had any problems so far....so i can wait.


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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-12-02, 17:47 PM





Im in the same boat as you are.....and i have just called MM (about 5 min ago), and they said unfortunately Lenovo pushed back the software again for the Idea Series until mid December to late December.

Mid december now?  that too when Lenovo is shipping windows 7 to new customers. What about us? we have also paid money.  Lenovo if you are not going to give us windows 7 update, please tell us. But treating customers like this is ridiculous. Sombody from Lenono care to post an update?




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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-12-02, 21:06 PM

Here's why I think this is Lenovo's fault.

1.  Even if MM is making mistakes, Lenovo chose them to do the fulfillment.

2.  All the registration screens / POP screens / Order status screens are on Lenovo sites, it's pretty obvious that they created those forms.   And those forms didn't accept certain models, serial numbers and other vaild input.  Also those same online forms allowed orders to got through without all the right input.   Mine order status, for instance, doesn't have a model number.   Why?  Because though the registration screens asked for the model it would not accept mine but would let the order go through.

3 Lenovo as the vendor has set up no status or order correction mechanism.  I had to find the numbers to call myself.

4. Lenovo is responsible for the lack to Model Specific content for the Upgrade Package and that's the major hold up.   The lack of Windows 7 media does not appear to be the problem.   The problem is that Lenovo does not have the drivers and software to add to the kIt. I've even been told that they were shocked by the demand.    What?   You didn't don't know how many promises you made?   How many boxes your were selling?  


Give me a break.



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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-12-02, 21:12 PM



As of today, we are now just under 10% Idea Win 7 upgrades in a shipping  status WW.   There are issues with some of the orders, and realistically it could be middle of the month before those get out the door, but the Mentor reps' reported comments that no Idea upgrades have shipped is perhaps misleading.  There are multiple Mentor Media facilities being used to support different countries / geographies.  It could be possible that a facility had not shipped an Idea upgrade yet, but it is not a complete picture.


I just posted the following update to the first post in the thead...



UPDATE 12/2/09 - Upgrades for Idea have begun shipping the last week of November.  In my last update, we anticipated that perhaps 40% would be shipped by the 30th.  35% of the orders for Idea are now moving through the payment / readying for shipment phase while about 4% have shipped so far on a WW basis.   This most recent delay has been caused in part by a percentage of orders that were input with an incorrect / invalid / incorrectly formatted serial number.   We will contact those affected by this issue via email shortly, and will provide instructions on actions needed to allow shipment to proceed.  


Upgrades for Think customers continue in volume and we have now shipped approximately 70% of Think orders received.


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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-12-02, 21:16 PM

Are upgrades for Thinkpad W700 models shipping?


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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-12-02, 21:36 PM



please see my e-mail and update me from yesterday.




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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-12-02, 22:21 PM

I just have a quick question -I found out through my bank they have already taken the money from my bank and I got the email to say they have succesfully got my payment but that is the last I heard, should I expect the upgrade soon?  I am sorry if this is a repeat post.

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