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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-12-21, 7:00 AM

My order status has been this way for what seems like forever:


Order registration confirmed.

Pending payment completion.


Do you think there is a problem with the credit card? Did I mistype a number or something?


Should I "amend" the request?


I just cannot believe it's been this long and I have not yet received the upgrade. And only one bit of communication from MM that they haven't followed up on.


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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-12-21, 8:07 AM

Wow.. from the sounds from everyone.. looks like i suffered the least (if any).


To give some credit to lenovo, here's what happened. (Lenovo Malaysia)


Aug 6th 2009, I placed the order on the website for the fulfillment and everything was processed. then no news until sometime in oct where I received an email from lenovo apologising for the delay, and promised my order will be fulfilled shortly.


Around mid nov, received an email with a link to complete my payment (no idea why as I have entered my credit card details when I first placed the order). Re-entered my credit card details.


And early dec 09, received an email from Lenovo with the tracking details, and saying my upgrade kit has been dispatched from Singapore.


Frequent checks revealed it took the 'courier' company 3 days to collect the parcel, 3 days to deliver it over the straits into malaysia and 1 day to deliver to my doorstep via registered mail.


Although I have much to comment on the delivery time (1 week), but seeing most of you still have not received your fulfilment, i consider myself very lucky to be using Windows 7, as we speak).


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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-12-21, 11:19 AM

my payment was just made today


just think august 1st i ordered and today its paid


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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-12-21, 12:21 PM
By the looks of things, I ordered on the 17th and it was deducted the same day according to the emails...

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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-12-21, 16:06 PM


So, I called up costumer service and they said that it is just a typo on the drop down menu on the upgrade page.  She says to just select k23 as the model.  Maybe you should give it a try and let me know if it works.


Well I figured it was just a typo, but when I select the K23, I can only select the 32 bit upgrade and mine came with 64 bit



Edit: Just went back to try again for the heck of it and K230 is now added and 64 bit is available so problem solved.


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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-12-21, 21:33 PM

I am very unhappy with this "free" upgrade and wish i had never bought a Lenovo computer. A month after I ordered my "free" upgrade for $17 and some change I get a e-mail that my payment went through. I'm sorry but if that jacked up price is for "shipping and handling" then i feel ripped off. I know for a fact I can send a CD anywhere in the world for 1/3 of that price, so 2/3's of it must be for handling and that part is a documented mess...numerous delays, crappy order processesing, and no customer service makes me feel ripped off.


Admin edit - comments edit.  Please follw the rules of the forum.


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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-12-21, 21:44 PM

Well it looks like i wont have to re arm my trial version of windows 7 enterprise. Just got an email saying payment went through and fulfilment in progress! :)


I still have 84 days on my Enterprise license so im sure the DVD's will get here before my license expires! hahahahha.


Bought PC in August  (K230)


Ordered the upgrade early september


Payment went through Dec 21


Will post as soon as its shipped and when i actually get it.



Be patient everyone, its coming......


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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-12-21, 22:15 PM



I understand many of the frustrations expressed here.. The experience has not been what it should have, I'll readily agree.   I apologize again to those who are still waiting, while I'll point out that we are making progress.  


I think it's fair to share your concerns, seek advice from those who have already received their shipments, and reasonably state your grievances.


However, I'm going to ask that everyone try to remain civil.  Please refrain from using profanity, or other overly abusive verbiage.  Let's try to communicate as if we were all sitting in someone's living room.   I'm also going to ask members to refrain from the ongoing suggestions of class action suits, and other post soliciting these types of approaches.  These are patently against the rules of this community and result in moderation.   


Here are some stats on our progress by Region and I'm providing this information so that members will have an indication of overall progress.   As upgrades for Think near completion in each region, I expect available capacity can be focused on Idea and we can accelerate fulfillment of the remaining orders.  I would expect most regions to be caught up within the next 2 weeks.


Americas - including US, Canada, and South America

Think Upgrades  - 90% of the orders have been shipped.

Idea Upgrades  - 42% of the orders have been shipped


EMEA - Europe, Middle East, Africa  (More complexity in shippings, customs, languages)

Think Upgrades - 74% of the orders have been shipped

Idea Upgrades - 25% of the orders have been shipped


Asia Pacific - Australia, New Zeland, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, etc

Think Upgrades - 90% of the orders have been shipped

Idea Upgrades - 60% of the orders have been shipped


As some members have noted, we are updating the registration site to make it easier for new registrations based on a lot of the feedback received here.   The K230 was initially not supported as a Windows 7 system, but we are adding support for it.


Thank you all once again for your continued patience.


Best regards,




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What about Value Line shipments?

2009-12-21, 22:38 PM

Why is there never a mention of Value Line systems?


Have any G550s been shipped?


I have my doubts?  


My upgrade is has been 24-36 hours from shipping for the last week.






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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-12-21, 22:55 PM

Mark, I agree that we have to be civil and use restraint even when we are pushed to the limit.  But, what Lenovo is doing with this upgrade is beyond comparision with any other online purchase I ever made.        


After so much hassle, the payment was successfully applied two weeks back.  Last Tuesday, they shipped my order and I was thinking, "Wow, I should get it in three days or less as I am paying $17.03 for Shipping and Handling."  Now, when I track the order online, it was shipped from CA thru' UPS (UPS Mail Innovations - what kind of innovation is that?).  Anyways, it took two days to get to the state where I live.  There, it was handed off to USPS with a delivery confirmation.  So far so good.  


But, it's been sitting in USPS for tha past 4 days and no signs of any activity other than the message "Shipment Accepted; December 17, 2009, 8:48 pm, xxx; Electronic Shipping Info Received, December 17, 2009."  I agree that it's a holiday season and all that but would it have to be shipped with the absolutely slowest of all means possible?


For $17.03, I *hope* and ardently *wish* that I receive it in 3 days (even that is a stretch) but no signs of getting it any time soon.  It's been the worst online purchase ever for me.


Mark, honestly, what would you do if you were in my shoes?

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