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atlanta ga

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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-12-24, 19:11 PM

thank you same to you


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Hong Kong

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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-12-24, 22:44 PM


spoke to m&m girl said there still waiting on disks yet they charged my cc why isnt that called payment with no goods what it is?

How can you talk with M&M girl? There is no phone no in there. (And they seem rarely reply email)

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FLorida USA

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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-12-24, 22:51 PM

Here's the U.S. number for what it's worth.

Mentor Media win7 update hotline (909) 930 0800 x777

11am-10pm  EST


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Hong Kong

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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-12-24, 23:10 PM



Here's the U.S. number for what it's worth.

Mentor Media win7 update hotline (909) 930 0800 x777

11am-10pm  EST


Thanks about it. If  I cannot hear from M&M and Mark cannot help me.. I will try to make a IDD call to US



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Portland, Oregon

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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-12-25, 23:05 PM

Here's my complaint.


-Bought two desktops from Frye's, based on price and promise of free update to Win7.

- Ordered Win7 update online, per the procedure established by Lenovo: 10/31.   Lenovo confirmed receipt by return email 11/1.  (Wow, looks like these guys are on top of things.)

-Lenovo emailed me, reciting an unprecedented demand (of course, it's a new update!!) but  I'll get it later in November. 

-Emailed Lenovo, 12/1. Where's my upgrade, received a reply that was automatically generated to indicate I will get a reply to my question in 10 days.

-Since, then, nothing.  No reply to email. No update.  Rapidly evaporating trust.


Lenovo sold a bunch of computers with a promise of a free operating system upgrade attached.  The demand for the free upgrade could have been easily determined, one would think, from the volume of the computers sold in total, whether online, or to distributors.  To call the demand "unprecedented" is silly.  The demand was evidently unanticipated, where it certainly should have been anticipated.  When I bought the computers, my thinking was that Lenovo would have optimized Win7 upgrade for my machines to provide an easy upgrade install.  I'm not so sure of that now.   In hindsight it is increasingly appearing that I should have just built my own computers and bought the operating system separately, thus saving $ and exasperation. 

  And, not that it's any of my business, but I wonder if there is any concern at the officer level and above, in Lenovo, about how dings to a corporate reputation now can impact sales in the future?  I'm not in sales, myself, but I would think that computers need to be replaced periodically, such that sales to a consumer could be the basis tor future sales as well.


 Oh, and complaint notwithstanding, Merry Christmas or seasons greetings, as the case may be.





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Moldova (the Republic of)

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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-12-26, 3:17 AM



I purchased my Y550 on 10/04/09.  It is xmas day now.  I have yet to receive my upgrade or get a response from mentor media.  I have not received a phone call or email from lenovo detailing a timeline or offering any concession for their lack of service.  I have a cousin that received his upgrade from sony the week of the win 7 release.  Based upon this ongoing experience no one assoiated with me will ever recieve a recommendation to purchase from Lenovo.  My cousin's sony experience has won me over and I really wish that lenovo would take this lapop back without charging me a restocking fee so I can end this nonsense.




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Sydney Australia

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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-12-29, 1:58 AM

Hi All,


Well finally the upgrade arrives a day before Christmas. Sorry I didn't post earlier but this has been my first chance to actually apply the upgrade.


Shipment process:

Ordered 13 Nov

Payment deducted 13 Nov

Shipped (according to website) 30 Nov

Actual shipment date (from MM) 16th Dec

Arrival in Aus 21st Dec (according to MM)

Arrived at my door 24th Dec


For those in Aus use the tracking number in the eParcel Barcode box on AusPost's website. However it only functioned after it arrived! Not very helpful at all.


Installation on T400:

Nearly all Lenovo Software for Vista is incompatible for Win 7. From the initial report Easy Eject, Sys Update, ATI Switchable Graphics Drivers, Catalyst Control Center, Intel PROSet Wireless, Lenovo Toolbox, and Rescue and Recovery required uninstall before Windows 7 would let me continue with the upgrade. Nearly every other Lenovo package is suggested as incompatible in the doc given with the upgrade media. It was a very time consuming uninstall.

A simple uninstaller on the Driver Disc would have been easier than having to manually unisntall each individual lenovo package.


Upgraded the BIOS to the latest version. I'm sure this is NOT a requirement but I though considering I would be giving this laptop a new lease on life, I'd take the plunge and upgrade the BIOS.


Installed Win 7. This process took 4 hrs and several reboots to complete (about 5 - 6). It appeared to stall a few times through the transferring files and settings process but I assume they were system files or something not easily 'transferred', If it happens to you be patient and it will eventually finish.


Lenovo Driver Disc


If some of the $17 US was for developing the driver disc I want a refund. This was  a joke. The disc size is only 200MB. The only drivers that it installed were:


PROSet Wireless driver

Intel GBit LAN driver

LENOVO Toolbox (outdated version according to Sys Update)

System Update 4


Running System Update 4 required an additional 500MB of drives to be downloaded. That was an all night download on ADSL. Imagine all those sucked into buying it (like I was) purely for the driver disc. There are people still on dialup!!


So let me get this right, each driver disc was tailored to your system according to the websites and other posts etc. Not likely. Just a small install of the essential drivers to get you connected to the net for the massive download that could have been put on the disc.



So finally after all this time my T400 is sitting here installing all the drivers that I downloaded. I hope everything goes smoothly because this whole process has been very poor.


I feel for all of you that have placed pre-orders and have yet to receive what you have rightfully applied or even paid for.



Thank you for keeping us informed as MM and Lenovo left us in the dark for a very long time. However, a central contact at Lenovo would be appreciated instead of having our enquiry bounced between MM and Lenovo.



Happy New Year to all. I hope the New Year brings with it your Windows 7 upgrade.









Here's the deal - the program costs money to deliver Windows 7 upgrades to individuals.   We have to pay for the media and COAs, we had to develop the driver disks, we have to pay to produce those, we had to pay to develop the registration site, we have to pay Mentor Media to administrate this - process entitlement, collect proof of purchase when needed, process payment, reconcile the information, kit up the proper contents, and finally ship it.







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Albuquerque NM

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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-12-29, 22:34 PM

That's great to hear that some have received their upgrade recently. My upgrade was shipped to me from California on 12/15 and I still haven't received it! Called MM and spoke with someone who told me that when and if it is returned, they would ship it again as there is nothing wrong with the address. Talked with UPS, they said it was out of their hands, talk with usps. Called the US post office to report it lost. They said it was still around somewhere...But to call back on 12/31 and they will put a trace on it. It is standard mail aka "snail mail" so they wont look into it until more than 10 days of non-delivery by them. Not looking good, disks probably smashed by now! Can I have back my 17 dollars? Lenovo can keep the change as that was probably what they paid for shipping! Man, problem after problem. About ready to throw laptop out of window and buy another (not from Lenovo)!


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Philadelphia, PA

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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-12-30, 3:01 AM

For what it is worth, I would like to post my Windows 7 upgrade fulfillment experience so far in hopes that someone at Lenovo will see it.


I ordered a G550 from lenovo.com on 9/22/09 and received it in a timely manner.  I was initially pleased with it, my first Lenovo purchase, which I had made partially based on free Windows 7 upgrade offer.  I truly wanted a laptop running Windows 7 but thought there was no need to wait till October to purchase one.


I placed my order for the upgrade on 10/19/09 and faxed my documentation the next day, 10/20/09.  (Personally I thought it was very odd to have to prove I purchased the laptop to the company from which I purchased it directly.)


I sent an e-mail 11/6/09 requesting status of order as I had heard none.  I sent a second e-mail 12/6/09 requesting status of order.


I received a response to my 11/6/09 e-mail on 12/8/09 (based on e-mail ID provided).  The response notes, in part: 1) unprecedented demand (unprecedented, really?); 2) 10 day delay in responding to e-mail (this appears thoughtless given the response took more than 30 days); and 3) payment processing may take up to 1-2 weeks (I do not even know what this means).  The messages goes on to seek my understanding and patience but fails to apologize.


I was notified 12/10/09 that I had been charged for the upgrade shipment.


I sent an e-mail 12/26/09 requesting the status of the order since I had been charged but had received no further communication.


Since Mentor Media seems backed up on e-mail, I wrote directly to Lenovo expressing my dissatisfaction on 12/26/09, providing all order numbers and so forth.  I received a response today, 12/29/09.  The message went to remarkable length to explain how to access the contact page associated with the Windows 7 upgrade.


I am typically a reasonable customer but quite frankly regret that I bought this laptop from Lenovo.  It was a gift for hubby, and Vista frustrated him so much that he installed Linux, and now the whole thing seems a mess.


While I recognize Lenovo only deserves partial fault in this, I am disappointed that no gestures of courtesy have been extended to myself or other frustrated consumers. 


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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-12-30, 4:33 AM

     Finally received my free upgrade a few days ago and installed it on my G550.  Repartioned the HDD to reduce the C:  and incerase the D.  Installed windows 7  and it activated with Lenovo supplied key.

    Did not bother to look into the companion disk. Downloaded all the drivers from Lenono website and installed. Everthing went flawless. Only Lenovo software that i installed was Lenovo Energy Management. Everything is working great including the Fn+F?, Volume touch keys.  I have nuked the Vista recovery partition.

    Special Thanks to Mark for helping me getting this upgrade. I had lost all hope. I will still think twice before buying Lenovo again.

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