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Windows 7 Upgrade Fulfillment Assistance Request

2010-01-09, 14:38 PM

Mark, I would appreciate your assistance in trying to resolve my Lenovo Windows 7 Upgrade order issue:


Windows 7 Upgrade Order Information:


Order Date: Saturday, December 12, 2009 (e-mail) posted as Sunday, December 13, 2009

Order No. LENOVO1112412

Proof of Purchase sent: Saturday, December 12, 2009 e-mailed to Lenovoauto@mentormediacorp.com

Lenovo R400 ThinkPad Machine Type 7443CTO

Requested Windows 7 Professional 32-Bit upgrade

Current Status: Pending Proof of Purchase (From 12/13/2009)


I have contacted the following for assistance to get this order fulfilled:

- Sent Mentor Media via e-mail 2 times status update requests from the "Contact Us" on the Lenovo Upgrade page - NO RESPONSE

- Called Mentor Media 2 times at 909-930-0800 ext 777 - NO RESPONSE

- Contacted Lenovo Websales/CustServe via e-mail and telephone 4 times - response was order would be shipped by 1st of January (not shipped) and then if not I should contact Mentor Media directly AGAIN.  Was given the Lenovo Partner Assist 1-800-426-3388 and was told they would look into the issue, no update or response yet.

- Sent another "Proof of Purchase" e-mail to Mentor Media.  No status change or response from mentor Media.


This has been very frustrating.  Any suggestions what can be done for Lenovo to fulfill my Windows 7 free upgrade for my 9/28/2009 R400 ThinkPad purchase?  Can you intercede and assist?


Thank You,


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Re: what is the verification code,and where can I find it?

2010-01-09, 18:06 PM
Victoria, if you go to the lenovo status page for the win7 upgrade you will see the yellow box with the code. Here's what the page looks like: [IMG]http://i739.photobucket.com/albums/xx32/h2opoloplyr11/3fbb704a.jpg[/IMG]

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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2010-01-09, 19:29 PM

I hope Mark did not leave us to FFO (Fend for Ourselves) :mansad:. He was the only one eager to help us.  It will be fruitless contacting either Lenovo or Mentor Media.


If I don’t hear from mentor media in two weeks I will post a complaint in the BBB website.


 According to Microsoft support staff this is the Mentor Media contact info.


 Mentor Media (USA) Supply Chain Management, Inc

1770 S Vineyard Ave
Ontario, CA 91761, USA

Tel : 1.909.930.0800
Fax : 1.909.930.0807




I bought laptops from HP, Dell and Toshiba and I got the Windows 7 upgrade disks in less than a month.

The quickest was Dell, getting the disks in seven business days completely free of charges. (No shipping charges either). HP took three weeks and Toshiba 26 days.


I started buying and using Lenovo because I was an IBM customer. Contrary to Lenovo, IBM has one of the best support teams around as well as building reliable systems.

This is the second time I get taken by Lenovo. The first time, depending of your view, was either false advertisement or bait and switch.

I purchase several laptops which in the Lenovo website showed that had the Intel Core Duo Processor but instead arrived with Intel Pentium Dual-core Processor.  After several weeks trying to solve the issue, I contacted Intel since Lenovo support staff claimed those two processor were the same. Intel, obviously, disagree providing proof of the facts. Only after that Lenovo was willing to rectify the mistake.  

Also, my credit card company (AMEX) was willing to step in and cancel the transaction but I wanted Lenovo to remove the false information from their site.



Note from Moderator:  A comment which violated the forum rules was removed.



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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2010-01-11, 17:25 PM



Any information you can give me on my order is greatly appreciated.  I realize that I haven't been waiting as long as many others have, but I really don't want to let my money accrue interest for a company that has left its customers out in the cold.


LENOVO1297456 order number

Valueline Model H210

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit is the version I ordered.


I placed the order and payment was approved on January 5th.  I have sent 3 emails to Mentor Media, dating back to mid-December and have not heard anything from them, other than their "promise" to reply with within 10 business days.


Thanks for your help and I hope to hear something from somebody associated with my $17 and promise of a free Windows 7 upgrade. 


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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2010-01-12, 6:12 AM

Same as the above poster^


Order No. : LENOVO1227068


I placed an order on lenovo's site for the free upgrade disc + shipping/handling.

I received the first email:

"Thank you for your order.

Kindly proceed to submit your Proof of Purchase clearly indicating the Model and Purchase Date within 7 days. You may send it by the following methods."

I sent in the proof of purchase via email the same day.

This was done on 12/27/09...but I have yet to receive any further notification/acknowledgment from Lenovo regarding my order. The order status is still pending when I check online.

How long does it take them to process the order? And then ship it? And then for you to receive it? What's the time frame in general because I'm going back to school soon and need to have win 7 installed before then.


I've tried looking for a number to call to no avail. The email only has a fax number as an alternate way of sending in your proof of purchase.


And just NOW I received this email:


Dear Customer,

Due to your serial no# is not able to validate by the database, we would like to request you to send in your valid proof of purchase. We will process your order, upon validation of the proof of purchase.

Please submit your Proof of Purchase to the below email ID:lenovoauto-sg@mentormediacorp.com or by Fax:+65 6896 2377.



请将电脑购买证明电邮至lenovoauto-sg@mentormediacorp.com ,以您的订单编号为主旨,或者,您可将购买证明传真至 +65 6896 2377。




請將電腦購買證明電郵至lenovoauto-sg@mentormediacorp.com ,以您的訂單編號為主旨,或者,您可將購買證明傳真至+65 6896 2377。


????? I attached a picture and also provided a link to the order invoice at lenovo.com. What is the hold up?




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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2010-01-12, 13:33 PM

On November 29, 2009 I sent an order for upgrade Ideapad U350 to Windows 7 ® Home Premium 32-BIT Czech. Order was taken under number LENOVO1002264. On December 9, 2009 I received notification about successful processing of my payment. On the distributor site is stated that the payment will be processed after the expedition, but I have not received this upgrade yet. In the status is still indicated that the order is in the progress. It's quite special access.

One more interesting thing.:smileywink: On the same day I ordered the same upgrade for Acer PC. Distribution provides the same company as for Lenovo. In this case I received upgrade by the week. I really have no idea why the delivery of upgrade from the Lenovo is a problem like this.:smileysad:

Sorry for my strange English


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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2010-01-12, 23:52 PM



Good question...


Well, I think there are several factors here.  Our Think Win 7 upgrades include the Win 7 disk, and 1 consistent Think driver update disk that uses Thinkvantage system update to find and install the required updates.  For our Idea Products, we have some 12 different driver disks, and this has added more complexity, and in some cases, delays in producing the materials and keeping inventory of the right DVDs to keep orders flowing. 


Additionally, a number of Idea orders were delayed because we were initially unable to determine which system the customer had based on the way the serial number information was collected, and we had to do a lot of manual filtering / validating to get the right disks out.  A small number had to be shipped with just the Windows 7 disk in order to prevent further delays, or aggravate affected customers further by asking them to re-register.


I think there is also an element of luck.  I've read some similar discussions in other PC manufacturer's forums and seen some of the same kind of comparisons where customers order from multiple vendors and some delivered faster than others.




We received a large spike in new orders over the past weekend - close to 10% of our total order volume.   Spot checking some of the data, a number of these do not appear to be valid systems and therefore we are requesting our customers that submitted CTO systems to validate via proof of purchase.   I feel confident that your information will be fine, and I apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused you.




I updating the first post of the thread to reflect our overall progress in the fulfillment of the Win7 program....  


UPDATE 1/12/10 New orders continue to come in, so the top level results reflect some fluctuation in percentage complete rather than a linear progression to 100%.    I expect that this will change once we move past the last date for eligibility, and ultimately the order window closes - this is still weeks away.


90% of Think Win 7 upgrades have shipped to customers in the Americas and Asia Pacific countries, while the greater number of supported languages in Europe has added some additional complexity and time required to fulfill.  75% of Win 7 upgrades for European customers have shipped.


73% of Idea Win 7 upgrades have now shipped in the Americas, 92% in AP, and 45% of the Idea Win 7 orders have shipped to European customers.



I note a number of members posting their order numbers - seeking help getting individual status checked. I need to concentrate a bit on some other issues in the forum that I have deferred,  and may not be able to research each of these with mentor media and get back to you.  However, if this is now a critical matter for you and your order is more than 45 days old, please send me a private message with:


Your Name

Order number (Lenovoxxxxxx)

Your system model - IdeaPad Y550, ThinkPad T400, etc

The version of Win 7 your ordered: Home Premium 32, Ultimate 64, etc.


I will do my best to check into this and get back to you in a couple of days.


Best regards,








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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2010-01-13, 11:31 AM

Well, perhaps I should have checked here first, but I naively bought a Lenovo G550 with "free Windows 7 upgrade" before Christmas, and can't believe what an absolute shambles it's been.


First of all, of course, is the criminal deception that "free" actually appears to mean EUR 16.75.


My upgrade order LENOVO1195226‏ was placed on 24 Dec 2009.  Again, I naively assumed in today's modern, connected envrionment that it shouldn't take much more than a week to arrive, even with Christmas in the way.  However, three weeks later, nothing appears to have happened.  I can't speak to anyone, no calls are returned, and no enquiries are returned.  This customer service is worse than stone age.


Am I ever likely to receive my Windows upgrade, or will I have died first?


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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2010-01-13, 15:25 PM


I'd like to thank you for keeping us all aprised of the current fulfillment numbers and possible reasons why this system has failed its customers - you are the only "connection" that most of us have!


In regards to posts being made, asking you for specific order updates, you included the following line:


"However, if this is now a critical matter for you and your order is more than 45 days old, please send me a private message with..."


My order is not yet 45 days old, but anytime I pay for something and I don't receive it, nor do I get any type of correspondence from that company, it is most ceratinly a "critical situation" to me. 


Taken straight from Mentor Media's FAQ section,

Q: "Am I charged as soon as I submit the order or is it held until the order is processed?"

A:  You will be charged for your order when the upgrade kit is shipped. Charges will occur no earlier than October 22, 2009.


I, like everyone else that has posted a story of not yet receiving their upgrade software, has already been charged and that money now sits in Mentor Media's bank account and we have nothing to show for it.  Why is Lenovo doing business with a company that so blatantly lies?


I am not going to ask for any specialized assistance with my order, I just want Lenovo and Mentor Media know that their customers have absolutely no recourse but to wait until one of the companies decides to do something.  If making your customers feel helpless and neglected was the intention behind this promotion, the nail has been hit squarely on the head.  If that was not  the intention, then Lenovo and Mentor Media need to step up their customer service efforts to respond to our inquiries!!!


My thanks to this forum for allowing me to vent and I hope that others in similar situations get what they paid for in an expedient manner.




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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2010-01-13, 16:59 PM

In this post http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-3000-and-Value-line/G550-Win7-clean-install-how-to-use-the-Lenovo-driver-CD/td-p/192444 user speaks about receiving "Lenovo driver CD for upgrading from Vista 64bit to Win7 64bit" in addition to the Windows 7 update disk. I only received one disk the Windows OS update disk and no driver disk. How can I request to be send also the" Lenovo driver CD for upgrading from Vista 64bit to Win7 64bit" disk?

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