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Re: Windows 7 "FREE" Upgrade

2010-02-05, 15:35 PM

You are right. By the way, here is the phone number for Mentor Media's Hotline: (909) 930-0800 ext 777


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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2010-02-05, 18:43 PM

  Hello  Danf80503


After 16 emails, and four faxes two phone calls and a USPS letter, more than 24 days after initial purchase, I've been charged $17.03 (USD), and I still have nothing. My status has changed (on the MentorMedia website to "Fulfillment in progress" but that's all. 


I think the outsourcing of this fullfillment to MentorMediaCorp was a bad idea, and could have been handled by many other channels. It's certianly soured me.  This purchase was a gift for a friend, and I don't want her using Vista, so as for now, some gift.


My company was purchasing more than 200 Thinkpads per year, on my recommendation.  I'm going to have to seriously reconsider this. 


Geez, I could have downloaded a serial number and an ISO in ten minutes, and I'd have been happy.



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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2010-02-06, 12:01 PM


Could You tell me where on MedieMentor site can i check my order status? Please give me a link ...



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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2010-02-06, 19:25 PM

Direct link is https://ebiz3.mentormediacorp.com/query/LenovoWindows7Query Be sure to read all the "FAQS", although they don't answer questions about actual current estimated times that the various steps in the fulfillment process will take.


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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2010-02-06, 22:03 PM

Really, where are the upgrades?


It took 7 tries to fax my POP's in; never received a response from Mentor Media stating they were received.


All emails to MM go unanswered; if you fill in their webform it states a 10-day response time :smileysurprised:


This is quite the fiasco... being a corporate purchaser I am losing faith in Lenovo fast.


First it was the bundling of their very poorly QA'd Thinkvantage software.


Then it was their lack of resolution for warranty issues (uh duh; I can't reproduce the issue - send back).


Then it was their popups through message center.


Then there was more, more, more... I feel like I'm dealing with a run-of-the-line notebook, not something that's supposedly business-class.


Now it's the systematic changing of the physical layout of the Thinkpads, this Mentor Media schtick... what next?


Lenovo must be hurting financially, because what company would tarnish a brand so badly?


The sad thing is, all manufactures seem to be going this route so there is no option.


Thinkpads still rock for a few reasons:


  • Excellent hardware builds
  • Trackpoint
  • Thinklight
  • Keyboard
That's it though... if another company can give me a decent trackpoint, keyboard and some sturdiness in their design, I'll be through with Lenovo (and we're a Lenovo Partner).



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 *Note; I didn't realize that the first message was entered into the archived thread "recycle bin," as I came in from a Google search link. Once realizing this I posted here; sorry for any cross-posting confustion.



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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2010-02-06, 21:52 PM


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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2010-02-07, 19:38 PM

Just to keep you all posted. It's getting worse here (see post 364):


After I thought I had waited long enough without any response, I called Lenovo service last week. They gave me a Lenovo e-mail address in Germany where I should send a problem description.So I did.


The next day, a Mr. W., apparently from Lenovo in Stuttgart, calls me and directly accuses me of having made false claims to get a 64bit upgrade. The serial number of my Thinkpad would show that I had bought it with Vista Business 32bit preinstalled and so I would only be entitled to upgrade to 32bit Windows 7 Business. Since this information would be clearly visible on the upgrade website, it would be obvious that I had tried to cheat by ordering a 64bit version, and it would be entirely my fault that I didn't get the upgrade.


I was baffled, to say the least.


Apart from the fact that someone who is supposed to support customers calls me a fraud in about the third sentence of our conversation (without being provoked), he was not even attempting to help me or expain anything to me. Instead he made false accusations and tried to sell, with all due respect, complete bull**bleep** as far as I was able to find out by now:


  1. You won't find the terms 32bit and 64bit  on the upgrade website unless someone from Lenovo Germany leads you three levels down the FAQ. An there it only states that an upgrade from 32 to 64bit is "not supported" - it doesn't say "not allowed".
  2. Microsoft does not distinguish between the upgrades of 32 and 64bit versions. In a second phone conversation I confronted a collegue of Mr. W with this fact, and got the explanation that this would be different with OEM versions.
  3. In fact, I had Vista 32bit preinstalled on the Thinkpad, but I did receive, together with theThinkpad, the recovery disks for Vista Business 64bit. I re-installed the 64bit OS from this disks and ordered the matching upgrade.
  4. I bought this package via the hardware service of my university, together with probably a few hundred other members of this institution. And at least some of them got the upgrade to 64bit Windows 7 without any trouble.
  5. ...which seems perfectly coherent with the fact, that Lenovo/Mentormedia already checked and approved my serial number, took my money and confirmed the shipping. It just never arrived. But Mr. W. didn't even try to explain this when asked.
  6. To make things even more mysterious (or absurd), Lenovo itself states in an online document here, that everyone with an OEM version of 32-bit Windows can order the recovery disks for 64-bit Windows. 
  7. The "solution" provided by Mr. W was to change the order to 32bit. Unfortunately this is not possible, because it is already "shipped". His second proposal was to try via the contact form on the order site - the same contact form I already filled in twice withour any reaction.

So, thank you Lenovo Germany for the courteous and pro-active "support"..







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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2010-02-08, 3:18 AM

Mein G*tt, unglaublich, Lenovo Deutschland hat wirklich betr. "Customer Service" "ohne Pickelhaube" etwas zu lernen!


Thank you very much for the link to the document on switching between 32/64bit versions of Microsoft Vista/7, I had no idea it was allowed. All I need to do is to consult the list of Recovery Media part numbers for my particular model.


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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2010-02-08, 7:48 AM

I placed my order for Windows 7 upgrade kit 2 week ago. I asked me to submit proof of purchase.  I sent them in by both fax and email. I received no response from them.  It made me really angry. I'm planning to return my laptop even I'm going to loose 15% restocking fee.

It seem to me they don't give a sh**t about their customer.  It does not make any sense that it take more than 2 month to receive the upgrade kit.

This will be my first and last Lenovo product. Im going back to Dell. I also own a Toshiba laptop. I remember Toshiba send me the Windows Vista upgrade within a week with free shipping.

With the way Lenovo treating their customer like this. I would predict they would be out of business in 3 years.


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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2010-02-09, 18:35 PM

I bought a Lenovo laptop in October and have been seeking the free upgrade to Windows 7 and have been constantly blown off. I finally went out and bought the upgrade myself.  I am now planning to write Lenovo a nasty letter and go after them legally if they do not pay me back for paying for this  upgrade.

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