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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-11-22, 3:56 AM
I don't work for Lenovo

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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-11-22, 11:23 AM

My previous post somehow automagically disappeared from this thread, but in that post it stated that my Lenovo W7 upgrade arrived in the mail yesterday. My initial enthousiasm however went away when I discovered that the official Lenovo Free W7 upgrade actually is nothing more than a regular OEM to which a second disk was added.


The second disk contains roughly 200Mb data, basically offering nothing more than System Update 4.0. The user has to do the Lenovo customization himself.


This means however that since it is not a real preload, there will be no service partition, no Rescue&Recovery, no Lenovo branding etc ... What matters more however is that in this official Lenovo upgrade there is no sign of Lenovo Enhanced Experience, no EE.


For those who wish to build their systems from the ground up this free upgrade is fine. Those who expect a real preload will be disappointed. My next step therefore will be to call Lenovo support and claim an official preload.


PS Lenovo mods, I believe there's nothing offensive about this post, I am merely stating the facts. Please do not remove my post.

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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-11-22, 14:28 PM

Still waiting on mine 4 weeks today since I was charged and still don't have it.


I hate the UPS MI method of shipping chosen for me and I would never use it myself, I cannot believe it ever cost them that much for this type of shipping. It takes 4 days for the U.S. mail to move the mail when it's less than 10 hours away. Besides that priority mail boxes only run $4.95 and probably would have gotten here earlier. 


As far as I'm concerned the whole thing was a failure!


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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-11-23, 1:14 AM

sorry!!! I still don't receive my windows 7 with traditional Chinese...


Please tell me when you will send it!! I am TP R400, It should have been shipped now. But, I still don't see any notice.


Could you give me it before Christmas as a present? I don't care I have paid 17.03 for a present and hear so many lies from MM and you !!!


Always tell us "We are shpping in this week."


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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-11-23, 1:16 AM

wditters wrote:

My previous post somehow automagically disappeared from this thread


Sorry, it got caught up with another move of several messages.  I've moved it back into this thread.



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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-11-23, 14:48 PM

Mine still "shipping" but tracking number still not working.


My "contact us" still goes unanswered.....


My chances of buying Lenovo again diminishing...



Every one of my posts on this forum is about the failure of the "Free" Windows 7 upgrade program. You too can experience it: go to www.lenovo.com/windows7

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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-11-23, 17:16 PM

did any one get any more updates with this?




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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-11-23, 20:23 PM

[Edit]  Ok, seems like I've been waiting a long time but a couple of weeks isn't even close to what some people have been waiting for.  I just wish they would tell me when can I expect to get my copy (1 week, 1 month, 1 year).  I hadn't used Vista until I got my Lenovo and I have to say all the bad hype has been true in my case.  System freezes, unable to boot, slow performance.  As far as unpredicted demand goes, use some of that money you are making selling systems to beef up your customer service. 


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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-11-23, 22:37 PM



I've updated the first post on this thread today - of note is confirmation that Idea Win 7 upgrade kits did not start shipping on the 16th as planned,  but are expected to commence as early as today and will ramp in higher volumes toward the end of the week.  We expect about 40% of the Idea upgrades to be shipping by Nov 30th.


I  posted a direct link for order inquiries, but will note that response times are still too long at around three days.   We are continuing to work with Mentor Media to clear these out.


Apologies for the delay in updating this thread,





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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade fulfillment discussion

2009-11-24, 4:02 AM

This has been an ordeal for me.


I ordered a W500 at the end of September (9/26 to be exact).


I received an order confirmation but no billing confirmation the following week.  I contacted Lenovo Support and was told they could not access my order.  I then called US Sales Support and they got me in contact with a supervisor at the outlet center in North Carolina.  After a few minutes, he found my order and found the problem.  I was concerned because the W500 was the specification I wanted and was now out of stock.  There was an order mixup according to the supervisor.  He said he would take care of the order the same day he first looked into it.  This was October 7th.  Within one day, my W500 (same ordered specification) was sent out (October 8th).  I received the W500 in 4 days.  Outstanding customer service!!!


I then applied for the WIndows 7 upgrade when I noticed that all outlet computers do not qualify.  I was now very concerned because I was intitally told that any computer purchased from the end of June through the end of January 2010 qualified.  I was told this by the agent at the 1-866-xx-xxxxx number.  I was actually told this on 3 different occasions as I was considering a Dell outlet computer and the models I was looking at did qualify.  Based on what I was told, I purchased my W500.  Well, I applied and the application was entered.  I received no confirmation for quite some time (that seems to be the standard operation procedure for this process).  I made a call to US Sales Support and was told that outlet center purchased do not qualify.  I asked to speak to a supervisor and discussed my scenario with him.  He asked me what I purchased and I told him.  I also gave him my order number and he researched it.  He told me that it appears that my computer should qualify.


I resigned myself that I probably would not get the Lenovo upgrade so I began researching the best means to purchase a copy of Windows 7 from retail/internet sources.  I had decided to purchase a full retail version, much to my chagrin, so that I could do an absolutely clean install but the purchase would have to wait because I just started my own company (being laid off at the end of August).  About 4 weeks ago I received a confirmation email that my Windows 7 order had been processed.  I received an email that my order payment had been processed about a week ago.  Today, my upgrade copy of WIndows 7 arrived in my mail box.


This has indeed been an ordeal.  I had my hard drive fail on my refurb W500 within 2 weeks of receiving it.  My 9 cell battery was not holding its charge.  I also had the wrong restore disks sent with my computer which caused problems with loading the proper configuration and drivers.  I received replacement HDD, 9 cell battery, and a new set of correct restoration disks.  My computer is now operating very well, in spite the OS being Vista Business 32 bit.  By the way, I do not like Vista.


The happy dilemma is that I have to decide whether to keep Vista (for now) because all my software is loaded and running well or upgrade and reapply for license keys for some of my software.  As I type this post, I am saving my data on an external hard drive in the preperation to install Windows 7.


To all those waiting for their copy of Windows 7 upgrade, I am certain it is just around the corner.


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