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Your Windows 7 upgrade program failure

2009-10-27, 0:22 AM

TO Lenovo, Microsoft, Mentor Media;


    You FAILED!


    Your Windows 7 upgrade program has FAILED badly. I bought a Lenovo desktop PC a couple of months ago on the PROMISE that I would receive a FREE Windows 7 upgrade. I have found that it is impossible to ascertain the status of the order or shipment.


   YOU set certain EXPECTATIONS that YOU failed to live up to. YOU could help alleviate this problem by COMMUNICATING with your customers via an effective ONLINE mechanism. YOU have FAILED to do that.


    I would suggest that you watch these advertisements to help remind you of what it is to be a PC and that your competitors seem to crave my business more than you.








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Re: Your Windows 7 upgrade program failure

2009-10-27, 0:51 AM

I think you are being a little harsh here. How exactly has lenovo failed you? Have you submitted an upgrade request? Have you tried to call lenovo support about the issue? The Upgrade process seemed pretty clear to me from the home page. Perhaps you could provide more details on what happened in your situation, instead of flaming lenovo. I am sure that someone here can help you get your upgrade sorted out.


Perhaps you can check out this post. It gives you the steps required to check on your order status



edit: included new link


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Re: Your Windows 7 upgrade program failure

2009-12-07, 21:53 PM

Oh, I think the harshness is somewhat appropriate.  I bought my Lenovo laptop 10/01/09 and applied for my Win 7 upgrade shortly thereafter.  After my initial order confirmation e-mail, the only other communication was received in early November letting me know that they were behind in processing orders but I could expect to receive mine by the end of November.


Here it is Pearl Harbor Day (December 7th), and I have yet to receive the upgrade OR have my credit card charged OR receive confirmation of shipment.  My one inquiry regarding status went unanswered. 


In contrast, I also bought a Sony Vaio laptop (a week before the Lenovo) and they also had a Win 7 upgrade program.  The two biggest differences were that Sony charged me $0 for the upgrade AND it arrived the same week that Windows 7 was released!


It is over 30 days after the Win 7 release and I am still waiting  ...while I have received no less than a half-dozen marketing e-mails from Lenovo trying to sell me systems that already have Windows 7 on them!  They really know how to rub it in!


Promises not kept (several times) and no reply to customer inquiries does not indicate a successful upgrade program to me.  If it was my company, I'd have a few heads on a platter over this fiasco!


Still waiting for SOMETHING, even an e-mail describing what I should expect for the third round of promises!  I am not using my Lenovo laptop currently because I want to upgrade as clean a machine as possible and not load it down with apps that I may have to reinstall.  So I bought a machine I haven't used for almost 2 months  ...my choice for sure but at least half the delay is Lenovo's. 


Lenovo Enhanced Experience indeed!






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Re: Your Windows 7 upgrade program failure

2009-12-08, 14:07 PM



All fair points....


Do you have an Idea or a Think system?    We are making substantial progress on the ThinkPad / ThinkCentre shipments and have completed about 80% of them on a world wide basis and I would imagine we should complete the majority of those this week.


For IdeaPad / IdeaCentre, we have been woefully behind after several delays of schedule.   We did begin shipping these on Nov 30 and have now shipped / are shipping just under 20% of the orders for US / Canada (other regions have varying levels of completeness).


Emails should go out to notify remaining customers who have not provided the proof of purchase (if required for their order) or payment information.   There are also a percentage of these orders that were delayed because we were unable to determine what model they had based on the serial information entered - our plan is to send all driver disks in the package for those customers rather than delay them further, or try to contact and collect additional information from them.


I agree that this upgrade program has not provided the level of experience that we desire to provide for our customers, and we are doing everything possible to complete shipments ahead of the year end holidays.


Best regards,





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Re: Your Windows 7 upgrade program failure

2009-12-08, 16:45 PM

I have to agree with the OP.


Lenovo advertised a FREE upgrade, then charge $17.03 for it = FAIL/Ripoff


The ordering Interface is poor.  Many people wonder if they got thier info in correctly. = POOR


Once your order is submitte4d, the delay is very long. = FAIL


During your long wait no ETA is given.  Calls and E-mails are ignored. = FAIL


The carrier chose is a combo of UPS and USPS.  This takes longer than just chosing one or the other. = FAIL


The cheapest possible shipping method was chosen despite the user being charged $17 for shipping and handling. = FAIL/Ripoff.


You have to struggle to see what things Lenovo actually did right.  Clearly Lenovo has failed.


BTW, LEnovo can't pass the buck.  Lenovo advertised the FREE upgrade.  Lenovo then charged $17 for the upgrade.  Most other vendor's customer got thier upgrade much sooner. 


Despite being a Thinkpad user since 1997, I regret this purchase and won't make the same mistake again.




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Re: Your Windows 7 upgrade program failure

2009-12-09, 6:03 AM
I don't work for Lenovo

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Re: Your Windows 7 upgrade program failure

2009-12-09, 8:56 AM

      I am sick and tired of this wait and there is no commitment on by which date i am going to get my update. It is Dec 9 today. They started shipping ideapad around 23rd Nov and as per Mark's latest update only 20% have shipped.   can you believe that? One can forgive a company which makes mistakes and then try to rectify it and compensate the customers. Lenovo does not want to learn. Otherwise how can you explain this continued screw up. As per last email most of ideapad were supposed to be shipped by end of Nov. Why it is getting delayed now? why customers are not sent an email about the further delays. How about the people who do not check these forums. How are they supposed to know the status? Through some magic?  That too after people are going to pay $17 for "free" upgrade.  Lenovo is one arrogant company which does not care about its customers. I for one, am not going to buy from them again. I don't care how good their systems are. I hate to be treated like dirt.


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Re: Your Windows 7 upgrade program failure

2010-01-18, 16:15 PM

Agreed.  Lenovo gets an "F" for their lack of effective execution on the Win7 upgrade program.


As an IBM employee, I'm thankful we sold off the PC biz to Lenovo so that this kind of failure doesn't reflect on us.


My proof of purchase was verified on Nov 24th, and my credit card was charged.


I then received another email on 11/24:  "Your order should be shipped within the next 3-5 business days.


Thank you,



Then, I get an email on Nov 26th that reads: 


"Dear Lenovo Customer,

Thank you for ordering Lenovo Win 7 Upgrade kit. We realize you have missed out the model entry in your order. We need your confirmation on the model in order to proceed for shipment.

For Notebook customers, please provide the model number which can be found in the bottom case of your Laptops (eg. V350,G230 etc)

For Desktop customers, please provide your configuration number (eg.57094408, 8 digits of numeric)

Please reply back to “ LC@mmediacorp.com"


So I reply to LC with this info and my emails bounce back!!  WTF??!!


Then I call Lenovo and give them my order info etc. and I'm told everything is fine and in progress...


Then on 12/8 I get a note following an email inquiry I did on the Lenovo site.  The note reads:



       Thank you for contacting Lenovo.

Please find the link you can use to register for Windows 7 upgrade.




( You can refer to the attachment saved as WINDOWS UPGRADE1)
You can click on the Request Upgrade which is highlighted and follow the instructions.
 You can track the status of the  Order online by logging to the same link.
( You can refer to the attachment saved as WINDOWS UPGRADE 2 )
Then click on Request upgrade
On the next page,  You find this link -   To check on order status, please click here.
You can click on the one which is highlighted i.e.on CLICK HERE
Which will take you to the page where you have to enter the ORDER NUMBER,  EMAIL ADDRESS,  VERIFICATION CODE
And then procceed
If you have any query regarding the order you have placed for the Windows 7 upgrade, you can click on the link Contact US on the order status page and state your query and the concern department will get back to you with the info.
(You can refer to the attachment saved as WINDOWS 7 UPGRADE 3 )
Thanks & Regards,
Sales Support Representative           
Lenovo - Americas Group                   

 1.877.884.4659  Fax: 1.877.411.1329"


I have replied to this note and gotten no response on my delivery status.

It is January 18th. 


This debacle just might be enough to push me over the edge and go with a Mac next time around.


LENOVO should terminate the employment of whoever is responsible for the overall planning & execution of the Windows 7 Upgrade Program...they FAIL.


Note from Moderator:  Please don't post the same message in multiple boards/threads as it splinters the discussion.  Duplicate(s) removed.



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Re: Your Windows 7 upgrade program failure

2010-01-18, 16:37 PM


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