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Can’t log on to my Windows user account?



What should I do if I can’t log on to my user account?



If you can’t log on to your user account, here are some things that you can try:


  • Make sure that Caps Lock isn’t on. Passwords are case-sensitive, which means that every time you type your password, you have to capitalize each letter in exactly the same way that you did when you first created it.
  • Check to make sure that you are typing the correct password. If you don’t remember your password and have a password reset disk, you can use it to reset your password. For more information see, Reset your Windows password.
  • Check with an administrator on the computer to make sure that they did not change your password. If they did, ask them for the password.
  • Make sure that you are logging on to the correct user account. If you have more than one user account on the computer, make sure you're logging on to the account that matches the password you're using.



For more information, see Solutions to common problems with logging on to Windows.

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transcendm On 2016-02-16, 20:00 PM

just bought a new idea pad 100 went over the set up at home but don't have internet. i think that i should have waited to have internet so I came to library hooked up to internet and cant get pass first screen login but i know it is right. no help screen or anything any ideas

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