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Paper Tape
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Cloning a Windows 7 HDD for use with a 2nd Laptop?

I just finished setting up a Lenovo T530 laptop with a fresh DVD install of Windows 7 Pro 64-bit and Office 2013 Pro Plus 64-bit. Also a bunch of shareware, none of which needs registration. Configured services.msc. Took days to get through Windows Update and avoid the bad updates.


Now I need to set up a 2nd T530 with the exact same hardware configuration - RAM, CPU, etc. Same model WD5000LPLX (500GB) hard drive. I have separate Windows 7 Pro & Office 2013 Pro Plus install media with both Product Keys.


So I'd like to get an opinion on my plan:

1. Clone HDD1 in T530 #1 to HDD2 (standlone StarTech toaster cloner).

2. Install HDD2 into T530 #2 with no internet access.

3.Power on T530 # 2, Change Windows 7 Product Key.

4. Change Office 2013 Product Key.

5. Connect to the internet and let registration take its course.


Is this a plan? Seems too simple, I'm worred Microsoft would have a hidden step in here somewhere. But will this work?



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Re: Cloning a Windows 7 HDD for use with a 2nd Laptop?

The plan sounds sensible with the caveat that your network devices will have different MAC addresses. Also, when cloning disks, there is always the risk that certain elements won't work smoothly because of slight nuances between hardware. Examples include memory which may be the same capacity but different speed or have different chips.


Good luck!

I do not work for Lenovo, I only provide suggestions based on my personal experience and willingness to help others as a volunteer.

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Paper Tape
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Re: Cloning a Windows 7 HDD for use with a 2nd Laptop?

Thanks. After seeing your post I did the clone, then put the cloned drive in T530 #2, booted disconnected from the internet because of duplicate product keys for Win7 & Office 13. Yep, laptop needed to reboot once because of drivers.

I then right-clicked on My Computer, selected Properties, then near the bottom selected Change Product Key. I let it complain about not being connected to the Internet before I plugged Ethernet cable in. I told it to try again, and Voila! Windows 7 is activated with a new key! I immediately disconnected from the internet because Office 2013 key hasn't been changed.

Unfortunately I lost the new Office 2013 key so until I find it, T530 #2 won't be online. Already changed the computer name & other personalizations.

This worked great & I didn't have to spend a week reinstalling Windows, avoiding bad updates, installing programs, etc.

Hope this helps others!

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