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Configuring Lenovo Care System update -- 3000 Series


I own a Lenovo 3000 N200 (0769-BAG).My system came with Windows vista  I decided to switch to Windows XP Professional SP2 as I own a couple of licenses.
So I installed it and get all apps. and drivers from Lenovo support site. So far so good.But, the first time I ran system update, it updated a couple of packages including the special keys definition, asking fo a reboot.
But now every time I run sytem update, it offers to install the Lenovo keys definition and ask for a re-boot.What do I do in a such a scenario? 


If there is an update that you don't want to see when you run System update you can click on the + next to the update and there is a underlined option "do not show this update."  Click on that and the update will no longer be listed.

If you accidentaly hide an update you can click on Restore Hidden Updates under advanced on the left.

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