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I've installed the Windows 7 RTM on my Y730 and installed the drivers for my camera, but when I try to install the software to use the cam I get a pop-up that states "Lenovo EasyCapture can only be installed in Lenovo computers."


I've installed Veriface with no problems so I was surprised when i got this error message.  Any ideas?


Right click the install file and select Properties then select the Compatability Tab Check the box nex to Run this program in compatability mode for: From the pull down select Windows XP (Service Pack 3) then click Apply and OK and try running the install again.

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I have the same problem. I installed Win7 Ultimate. Installed the driver of Lenovo cam from the CD provided and tried to start the cam using Fn+Esc key. The camera icon comes and just vanishes from the screen on the right hand side bottom. With other applications eg skype etc this is working. Device manager shows the cam but it does not start so that I may take my own pic Smiley Sad


However the issue was not there when I installed Win 8 which I uninstalled.


Please advise as how to resolve it.