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How can I customize my screensaver or lock screen for my Win 8.1 laptop?


I don't like the generic screensaver photos on my Win 8.1 system and want to customize what appears on my screen when it is locked, but don't know how to do so.


You can customize your Lock Screen by making the following changes to your Settings.

1. Go to PC Settings by swiping in from the right of your screen to bring up the Charms Bar and click on Settings. Then, click on PC Settings to bring up the page below. 




2. Click on Lock Screen once you are in to display this page. Ensure that the option to Play a slide show on the lock screen is set to ON.




3. You will see various options for you to use your pictures from. Choose the relevant storage location. In this example, the photographs for the slideshow have been placed on the Yoga 13's desktop. Click on Choose this folder, followed by Ok.




Your lock screen has now been personalized!

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Husseine On 2017-01-17, 14:43 PM

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