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Lenovo Staff
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When I am doing nothing on my Yoga anti-malware service starts.


Does anybody know how to disable this anti-malware service? I know that I can disable Windows Defender. But I want only real time scanning when I am downloading something.


I don't want scanning hard disk when I am in idle. In Win 7 you can disable scanning in Idle and only have real time scanning. This option seems not available in Win8 though.


To turn automatic scanning off, please try the method below.

1. Go to Charms on the right and choose "Settings". 

2. Type Schedule Tasks in the search field on the charms area.

3. Click on Task Schedule in the search result to open it up.

2. Browse to "Task Scheduler Library" on the left side pane

Locate Windows Defender under Microsoft. 
3. Locate MP Scheduled Scan and click it on the bottom of the right side bar to disable it.
4. Select the path (C:/) that you don't wish scanning to be done on.


 More info here:



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