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If I install a new Vista, doesn't ThinkVantage partition go away?





A few days ago I installed a new Vista Business and thought everything on the 160GIG drive wouId be reformatted. I asked for two partitions evenly divided but I could tell too few GIGs were offered. I haven't been using this laptop as I work to get it set up. Now a couple of days later I restarted my x61t (I guess for the first time) and was surprised to see the "ThinkVantage" splash screen.


In Computer Management I see three partitions:

4.96GIG (labeled EISA format) This must be the ThinkVantage stuff still there!

70.85GIG labeled "C:" (NTFS format: OS, page file, etc.)

73.24GIG labeled "D:"  (RAW format: )


So that's 148GIG... I know some is lost to boot space, etc... but it still seems a bit too low. I was surprised that the install process didn't format the "D;" partition, too.


The fingerprint reader and wireless is DOA and the OS can't find and repair the drivers.


So, two odd things: the ThinkVantage material is still there and the D: partiton not formated. Driver issues. Anyone have a suggestion about what happened?




 By default your ThinkPad's hard drive has two partitions, one being the EISA partition you noted which is where the recovery partition lives. It sounds like you installed Vista onto the main partition and did not wipe the recovery partition. Thus you ended up with 3.



As to the hard drive space, 148GB actual out of a 160GB drive is right. It has to do with numbers and that when advertising drives, hard drive manufacturers called 1000 MB = 1 GB. When in reality, it is 1024 MB = 1 GB. You might read this article, which discusses it in more detail.

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