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Incorrect Disk space reading ---Windows XP


I have encountered a bizarre problem on two different ThinkPads; a T61 and a T41.  On both laptops, Windows is getting an incorrect reading of the disk space still available on the secondary partition. For example: the files on partition D take up only a third of the partition space, but Windows is convinced that the partition is 92% full. There are no virtual memory files or system files on this partition; just data. A filesystem integrity check revealed no problems. Paragon Disk Manager shows the same bogus "92% of capacity" reading, even though the properties window shows that the total files on the partition take up nowhere near even 50% of the partition capacity.


Is it possible for a bios setting of some sort to be set to the wrong number of heads and cylinders? Has anyone else ever seen anything like this?


Any help would be much appreciated.


Windows system restore takes some hidden space.Also included would be the recycle bin informtion,which will nt get deleted until those blocks are being replaced by new files 


If you think you have a corrupted file system use the chkdsk tool


 Start->run-> Type CHKDSK /F /R C:

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