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Installing Full Retail Win 8 Pro on a Lenovo System supplied with Win 8 Standard/Core


Want to install full retail Windows 8 Pro on a Lenovo system supplied with Windows 8 Standard/ Core?


Here's how.


If you are attempting to install a full retail (or similar) copy of Win 8 Pro on Lenovo system that came with standard Win 8 (also referred to as Win 8 Core) installed from the factory, you will run into an issue at install time.


By MS design default , full Win 8 Pro retail (etc) versions look for a key embedded in the BIOS (often referred to as an OA3 or OA3.0 key).  If  that key does not match the version of Win 8 you are trying to install, the install will fail without offering the option of entering the retail key that was supplied with your full retail (etc) Win 8 Pro.


Microsoft has issued a "FAST PUBLISH" support article on how to work  around this design approach. See




Note that this workaround requires the creating and placing of a PID.txt  file by methods which are not entirely described in the support article, so be prepared to do some more digging for all the relevant information.

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