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Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) stops working from Hyper-V internal network after suspend/resume

I have a Thinkpad Yoga (20CD00B1US) running Windows 8.1 Pro. I installed Hyper-V for Linux development. As far as I understand the only way to access internet from guest OS on this laptop is to enable Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) for WiFi and use virtual switch connected to Internal Network.


My problem is that guest looses network connectivity until I disable and re-enable connection sharing for my wireless card. Did anyone else notice similar behavior on this or other products?


It is not always reproducible. I suspect that resuming with different wireless network available might trigger that. Or I don't know if disconnectin AC contributes.


Restarting ICS service on host is not enough. Bringing down eth0 interface and up in guest OS makes no difference. However it is enough to untick connection sharing for wifi, apply, and then re-enable it. This is quite annoying.


I'm using static IP on guest as apparently DHCP service of host is unreachable as well. So I just assigned an IP in the same subnet (192.168.173.x). Supposedly I should be able to ping host on but I can't.


The closest thing I came across is this Q on SE . However the bottom line is faulty hardware or improper drivers which brings me to these forums.


Thanks for any suggestions.

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