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i upgraded my new T420 Thinkpad with IE 9 from Windows update.  After my 64bit version crashes when opened.  My 32 bit opens, but I can't seem to post messages here .  should I revert back to IE8?





There is a workaround. Follow the steps below and it should solve the problem.


1. go to:
 2. Download & install autoruns app.
 3. run AutoRuns
 4. on AppInit tab, find:
   NVIDIA Compatible NVIDIA shim initialization dll, Version 270.61
   NVIDIA Corporation
  Un-check it (do as administrator in case you run windows 7)

 6. Reboot.





It is recommended that you use a 32bit version of IE9 even in 64Bit version of Windows,since a 64bit version of IE9 has known compatability issues 

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