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Lenovo Staff
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Is creating recovery disks using OneKey Recovery (using factory settings, requires 3 DVDs) equivalent to creating Win 7 installation disks for my laptop?


I wish to back up my files.


Yes, it is.


The OneKey Recovery function creates disks that restore your computer to its Original (Factory) condition, just as it was when it was new. It is used to recover from a crashed hard drive.

(Edit: When installing a new hard drive)

Click on the OneKeyRecovery button only when your system runs into serious problems so as to 
to restore it to Factory state, or a backup you have created. Here's how you can do so.

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I have created a backup recovery CD using OKR and when I want to do a recover from CD that I used for backup it doesnt show the backup.wsi which is there in the CD. How do restore files from the restore CD I created ?. Why does OKR screen does not show all files in the CD. I shows 1-2 folders in the CD and not the backup.wsi which is supposed to be selected to go next. pl help