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Legion Y530 / Downgrade, Format, Rollback Windows 10 Home 64 / Install Windows 7 Pro 64

I would like to get rid of this Windows 10. I have an iso / usb genuine copy of Win 7 Pro with a product key that I would like to put on this new laptop, I was wondering if anyone else has had any success doing this sort of thing or is it going to be more trouble than its worth? I tried this once before on a cheap HP laptop, but the only way I was able to get 7 to install was to install it over windows 10. I kept getting an error when I would boot from the usb that it didnt have the proper drivers. I finally got it to install from inside windows 10 without formatting first. I ended up with no drivers at all when I did this. Not even a usb port driver to transfer drivers into the system. No network drivers either so I couldnt download anything. I messed with it for a while and eventually had to format and install ubuntu linux to get back into some kind of working operating system. I obviously did something wrong with the way I installed, but I am worried that I could end up facing the same issue again!


 If anyone has any guidance or advice that could help me rollback this brand new gaming laptop to win 7 pro I would really appreciate the help! I thought maybe if I partitioned the HDD with a virtual HDD partition and installed win 7 onto that partition it could workout. I might be able to format the orginal win 10 partition after getting into Win 7 and reclaim it that way. Just an idea..

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Re: Legion Y530 / Downgrade, Format, Rollback Windows 10 Home 64 / Install Windows 7 Pro 64

The best way to do this is to remove the original hard drive, fit a new hard drive (upgrading it to an SSD if necessary) and install Windows 7 on that.


This way, you don't risk losing your original Windows 10 factory build and can simply swap disks as required. You need to set the BIOS to legacy and disable UEFI so that you can install Windows 7 on the new drive and make sure you backup any data from your Windows 10 disk.

I do not work for Lenovo, I only provide suggestions based on my personal experience and willingness to help others as a volunteer.

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Re: Legion Y530 / Downgrade, Format, Rollback Windows 10 Home 64 / Install Windows 7 Pro 64

On a machine that new you'll probably have to inject USB 3.0 drivers into the install media, and if the primary drive is NVMe you'll need those drivers as well.  If the main drive is SATA, you might be able to pre-load USB 3.0 drivers there and browse to them during the install.


It is possible to install Win 7 in UEFI mode but it may require some modification of the media to get the bootx64.efi file in the right place.   It's also necessary to enable CSM support in BIOS (if it's available...) and turn off secure boot if you go with UEFI mode.  Or, as suggests, install in legacy mode - if available.


A couple of Lenovo KB articles on the topic:


I've tried to gather things in one place in my own notes:


Windows 7 Installation Hacks: One Post to Bind Them…






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Re: Legion Y530 / Downgrade, Format, Rollback Windows 10 Home 64 / Install Windows 7 Pro 64

Hi. i have the same question, How install windows 7, witch bios settings select?


Is there somebody that already succesfully installed Windows 7 on this legion Y530?

Error i got whem trying to install. 

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