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Network path was not found



I have in my house, two computers, one with vista and the other one with XP. Each one is in my network home, but when I try to join to my XP from vista, it says NETWORK PATH WAS NO FOUND….



To set up Network Sharing between XP and Windows Vista, please look over the following information. File and Printer Sharing is different in Windows Vista than from the setup in Windows XP.


1) First, make sure the Workgroup name is the same on all of the computers in the network. On Windows Vista, the default workgroup name is "WORKGROUP". On Windows XP, the default workgroup name on Windows XP home computers is "MSHOME". On all other versions of XP Professional, it is "WORKGROUP".

On Windows Vista computers, Go to Control Panel, then Network and Sharing Center:
2) Network Discovery: ON
3) Network set to: Private
4) File Sharing is: On
5) Public Folder Sharing: ON
6) Password Protected: OFF


If you set up duplicate (the same) user accounts and passwords on All computers in your Network, you can turn Password Protected to ON. If you have the Password Protect set to On, you will be prompted for a user name and password every time you try to access a Vista computer from a Windows XP computer. If you encounter difficulties accessing computers that are visible on the network map, make sure the computer being accessed has an account with the same name/password as the system connecting to it uses to login.

File & Print Sharing has to be enabled on any computer you wish to share files or printers from. You also need to actually share the resource in question, right click on the drive/printer/folder, and select sharing. In Windows Vista, the Public Folder Sharing is the same as Windows XP's Shared Docs.

If  you are still having problems after setting up for File and Printer Sharing, then check to see if your Anti-Virus is enabled for File and Printer sharing on their firewall or make sure your rules or exceptions allow file and printer sharing.

On the Windows XP computers, please verify the following

1) Look at the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article for information about having the Network Map display. On the Windows XP computer, you will need to install the software component that implement the Link Layer Topology Discovery protocol (LLTD) so the XP will show up in the network map for Vista.
KB 922120 - Network Map in Windows Vista does not display computer that are running Windows XP

Run the update on the Windows XP computer that you want to appear on the Network Map.
On the Software Update Installation Wizard, click Next.
On the License Agreement page, read the license agreement, click I Agree, and then click Next.
On the final page of the wizard, click Finish.
If you are prompted to do so, restart your computer.

To verify the LLTD Responder is installed and running:
On a computer running Windows XP, click Start, click Control Panel, and then click Network Connections.
Click Local Area Network Connection, click Properties, and then view the list of items used by the network connection.
Ensure that the Link-Layer Topology Discovery Responder check box is selected.

2) It is helpful to run the Home or Small Office Network File and Printer Sharing Wizard, even if it was setup prior to adding a Vista computer to the network.
a) In “My Network Places”: “Set up a Home or Small Office Network”
b) Go to Start, Accessories -> Communications -> Network Setup Wizard -> Allow File and Printer Sharing.

For more information on File and Printer sharing, look over this technet article


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