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I am trying to upgrade my 3000 N200 hard disk to a larger, faster disk (250G).


I find the recovery function (Lenovo care key at boot) to be very useful, as I am a computer tech and my system deserves to be reinstalled often.


My question is:  How do I migrate  the recovery partition to my new disk. 

I used Symantec Ghost to clone from disk to disk (I put both in a desktop PC and copied straight from 1 to the other), but let ghost change the size of the data partitions (to my knowledge, ghost kept the exact same size for the hidden recovery partiton).

But when I attempt to boot into the recovery partition, i just hangs after the F-key choice (where I pressed F11) on a blank screen.

I saw one can make some disks and restore from disks, but I would like to use the recovery partition as it is self contained and always with the computer by definition.


Is there a way to get things to work on the new disk.  I do have access to the old disk as it is still working OK, if slow.




The recovery disks will also make the service partition during installation process

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Wow this one has been around a while and no-one answered? I am in same situation with a P500.

I have used Shadow Protect to backup the recovery partion. I can restore the partition to a new HDD but cannot boot to it. You don't even see 'F11' in the boot options, only others including 'F12' to choose temporary boot device, and that doesn't work.

I have successfully done this same operation on other brands machines - and it works - so long as you 'place' (or offset) the restoring recovery partion to the 'top end' of the new HDD.


Perhaps there are prerequisites we are missing?